UGREEN car power splitter: 2 cigarette lighter sockets + 2 USB ports.

The culprit of this review is a car power splitter from UGREEN, combining both a charger with two familiar USB ports and two cigarette lighter sockets.
Such devices will help make life easier in a situation where the cigarette lighter socket is one and you need to connect, for example, a DVR and a phone, i.e. gadgets with different power connectors.

In short - I was satisfied with the device, the quality of workmanship, as expected from UGREEN, is up to standard.
For details, I invite under the cat.
In addition to the gadget in the package showed a bonus - screed and leaflet.

About the screed already told in the review of the bluetooth receiver-transmitter and here is plagiarism with himself, but under the spoiler).
Additional Information

The splitter is delivered in a cardboard box-case, traditionally designed for this manufacturer in white-green color with information about the content and technical characteristics.

Features a little more:
Brand: Ugreen
Article: CD131
Power Source: Cigarette Lighter Socket
Type: Car Charger
Support fast charging: No
USB ports: 2
Quality Certification: RoHS, UL, FCC
Output Interface: USB
Output voltage: 5V / 2.4A
Input voltage: 12-24 V / 5A
Compatibility: Universal
Total output power: 120 watts.
Wire Length: 1m
The contents of the box are well protected from adventure.On the road, both with a box-case and internal cardboard bumpers-compartments + the gadget itself is packed in an individual package that protects from scratches and scuffs.

In addition to the gadget itself, instruction is available in several languages, with the exception of Russian. It does not carry any particularly useful information because of its general plan.

Gadget case materials - plastic and aluminum(the front part with a decorative bevel around the perimeter). Above is a neat inscription of the manufacturer’s name, but from this angle the camera didn’t consider it). Everything is collected carefully, the details are worked out, alien and as a “early China” gadget is unlikely to look in the car. On top of the case are two buttons with a clearly marked fixation and corresponding sound. The buttons are short-cut, but the click is like the good old PKN-41. Nothing in the device does not play or rattle.

I must say that the wire (2 * 0.75) seemed to meunnecessarily or unusually tough, perhaps for greater protection against breaks, fractures and closures, but this will need to be taken into account during installation. The length of the wire is one meter and a bag with a 15 Amp 250 Volt spare fuse is attached to it with scotch tape.

The case of the cigarette lighter socket is plastic and is not deprived of the attention of designers. Negative contacts are elastic and well fix the connector in the cigarette lighter socket.

To replace the fuse you need to unscrew the front part of the connector. Under the fuse, as expected, hiding the spring.

A little different angle fotik saw the inscriptionUGREEN. Around the buttons are installed almost merging with the color of the color of the filter - enable / disable these buttons only cigarette lighter sockets and LEDs turn on when the sockets are on. The glow is not "vyrviglaznoe" and will not be disturbed.

On the front of any inscriptions - allascetic, USB ports are similar in current. The left socket under the "cigarette lighter" connector for a weak power load, like a recorder, radar, a more powerful load is already connected to the right one, such as compressors and the same cigarette lighter. In the first case, the plus contact is arranged on a textolite substrate, in the second case, on a massive porcelain one. The depth of the sockets is different - for a weak power load of 38 mm, for a powerful 33 mm. These data should be taken into account by those who use the cigarette lighter for its intended purpose. As an example, a regular cigarette lighter in the Civic has a length of about 25 mm and will not work in the connectors of the monitored device. Sockets wells are made differently, in the second case it is not a solid pipe section.

The gadget's fastening in the car is removable - the gadget is inserted into the base, and the base with double-sided tape is already attached to the surfaces in the car.

On the bottom of the case are found inscriptions about the purpose and characteristics of the gadget. Following them we get 120 watts maximum power consumption of devices connected to the gadget: 2 * 5 * 2.4 + 96.
It is indicated that the device should be energized12-24 Volts, but the requirement is not strict. In the process of familiarization, I accidentally connected to the power supply, where 32 Volts were installed. Gadget painlessly survived my mistake.

Overall dimensions of the splitter 90 * 71 * 35mm.
Photo measurements.

The gadget is simply disassembled - two screws under the rubber plugs and two screws under the decorative aluminum cover, which is fastened with latches.

The board was not well washed from the flux from the bottom side, but the soldering is good. Next to the buttons are LEDs for their backlighting.

On the top side of the board, everything is much better in terms of accuracy. On the board, among other elements, four chips are installed.

One covered up by the coil is AMBA4810 - Fast two-channel N-Chanel Mosfet.
The second chip is AX3070 - step-down PWM controller with a total output current of 4.8 Amperes or two loads of 2.4 Amperes. Designed for operation in the range of supply voltages from 9 to 40 V.
And two more chips are installed directly next to the connectors - 888F2 - according to Google - this is “USB fast charging IC / SMD SOT23-5 chip”. Datashit network not found.
There is a datasheet for perhaps the next of kin GL888F - USB fast charge controller.
Buttons on 10 Ampere 250 Volts.

Button illumination is not bright.

USB ports start working closer to 8 volts at the gadget input.

Further manipulations were made with the power of 14 volts.
First I checked each port in turn.load resistors. The tester showed that Apple products are not alien to the gadget, and it can be charged with this charger. At loads 1, 2 and about 3 Amps, the device behaves stably, the output voltage less than 5 Volts does not squander.

More accurate equipment - EBD -USB load showed almost the same picture. One port (with the second unloaded) is capable of delivering 2.8 Amperes without a voltage drop below 5 Volts.

Both ports behave this way if you test them one by one.
Now we will load both ports at once and try to get 4.8 Amperes in the load for a total of two ports.
At this stage, there was one small flaw.gadget - USB ports are located close to each other and at the same time connect the USB tester and the electronic load without additional adapters fail, and adapters give a loss. However, this is a special case and in the usual conditions and scenarios for this gadget it is unlikely to be in demand.
One port loaded with a resistor - current 2, 11Ampere, the second loaded up to 2.6 Ampere. These are extreme limits, when at such a load imbalance the ports maintained stable parameters - further subsidence began at the more loaded port.

And finally, how could he equalized the load on the ports.

Given my far from the most ideal in terms of metrology equipment, as well as the connection through adapters, collected from the gifts of garbage, the stated parameters of the USB ports were confirmed.
The cigarette lighter ports are not tested for washing as they are connected to the vehicle network via buttons and a fuse, and everything is limited by its condition and your battery).
Installation in the car will be closer tofly when the wire is softer, and the tape will cling better. In the meantime, only fitting. You can install the device on any flat surface, even horizontally, even vertically. I will install a bit not standard - the dash will look foreign on the top, there is just a little space for maneuvers on the side of the console, but there is a niche in the lower part of the console where the gadget fits perfectly.

The irregularity will be thatThe gadget will be mounted on the tape upside down. The fact is that at the edge of a niche there is a side, and immediately after it there is a recess with a broken plane. But the niche ceiling is just flat, and there I will mount the base, and insert the gadget into it.

Splitter is completely hidden in the niche, notspeaking beyond its limits, and becomes invisible from above. For excess wire, there is also enough space. At first there was a thought to shorten it, but then decided not to deprive myself of another degree of freedom (you never know at what distance you need food).

True, now the cigarette lighter connectors on buttons will not be on top, but on the bottom, but you can not turn them off.
Summing up, I’ll take to the comments only slight negligence allowed in relation to the gadget's fee (not very thoroughly laundered).
The rest of the device worked well,the appearance is decent, the stated characteristics are maintained. Definitely, instead of one port, to get four without extra switching - this is convenient. This device is the second sample of UGREEN products in my use and this is again the case when you can recommend a gadget.
Additional information at the request of the sponsor of the review.