Car OBD II Scanner with Bluetooth

Crumb Citroen C2 began to act up on somefunny ten thousand. The service says that maybe the clutch, or maybe the clutch temperature sensor, but still change the clutch entirely. On the question of whether this operation will help, shrug their shoulders and say they do not know.

And as the car continues to be capricious, I thought it would be nice to compare the diagnostic results in the SC with my own.
So I bought this scanner.
For those who (like me) missed previousseries, I inform you that this is a scanner-reader of any engine parameters. And compatible with a bunch of cars, since the last few years the OBD II protocol seems to be the same as micro USB for modern smartphones.
In other words, with this thing you can see much more than the dashboard shows. I will not lie, what exactly, but from what interests me most of all, error codes.
For convenience, I chose a wireless scanner, becausethat it is convenient: we connect it to the diagnostic connector and calmly look at the smartphone / tablet, what is happening at all. And no wires interfere.
When I opened the package, I was very surprised: in the picture it seems much smaller. And I did not even react to the 8-cm compact next.

In the bag only the scanner and the same disk onwhich the good Chinese have recorded a bunch of all software, including Bluetooth-stack for Windows Bluesoleil (they, apparently, do not know that XP has already died) and app for Android.
As it turned out, the humble Chinese Android.apk hides the well-known Torque, which works without problems on my equally Chinese tablet.
The procedure is simple:
1) Connect the scanner to the car connector
2) On the tablet, turn on the search for Bluetooth devices
3) Click on the OBD II scanner and enter the pairing code 1234
4) Launch Torque, select the newly paired scanner in the settings and wait for the system icons to flash: scanner search, vehicle identification

Everything. Now, if the engine is on, immediately see the momentum. And if we go, then - speed, turns and a bunch of other parameters (something related to acceleration, air pressure, coolant temperature).
You need to insert a link to the video, for example:
If you want to see the video where everything is shaking (car, camera, tablet), here it is:
Sorry, I will not list all the parameters, since it is more correct to read Torque in the description - in the sense that it can show and cannot.

The result for me personally is this: This thing works surprisingly well. And it seems to work as expected. There is only one problem: it seems that when the ignition is turned off, it does not turn off, which means that the battery eats.
Therefore, despite the fact that during the night nothingIt happened that I personally would not keep it permanently on as a car computer. On the other hand, I could be wrong: it is possible that the scanner turned on automatically with the doors unlocked in the morning. But on the third hand, it seemed warm to me, which could not have happened after a night of sleep.
Riddle, in general.
ps. oh yes, the error codes looked. At the moment, the machine is completely clean, and there is nothing to complain about.
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