Handy unusual format

Small bag. Roomy enough. Who cares - welcome.
Actually purchased such a bag in order to carry money. Quite accidentally stumbled upon her.
My city every summer suddenly acquires the statusresort ... I am engaged in the production and sale of souvenirs, so summer is a hot season in every sense. Since I have several outlets for the sale of different goods, and I myself am engaged in production - all summer in motion. Often even at night. In fact, in the mornings it is necessary to distribute "exchange" to sellers, and in the evenings to collect "cash" ... During the day, pay bills at the bank, pick up cargo at the transport company, and do a bunch of other tedious actions ...

Here is the bag I needed for the following:
- should contain at least 50000r large bills and 20,000 small, then both 50 and 100. (there is another handbag for iron coins очи
- must keep a driver's license, passport, sets of documents from 3 cars, 2-3 plastic cards.
- need a place for checks. at least 3 different departments, because in a day a wild amount of such waste paper accumulates ...
- compactness
- a place for the phone, because the phone is a shovel, and the shorts (the main subject of the summer wardrobe) will slip if you carry the phone in them.
- dissimilarity to classic patsansky man purses ...
This bag meets all these requirements.
Of the minuses worth noting except that its marzimo,what follows from the material is synthetic fabric like thin tarpaulin. Of course, leather would have been better, but it would have been a different price or the skin of young dermantine ... Well, there are threads sticking in places, although I don’t care for them
In general, the quality is satisfied, as well as the price. Some friends asked them to order such bags, only other colors
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