Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Tiso T10. Inexpensive middling

Hello. Today I am doing a small report on the wireless speaker that I bought for the stock published here.
At the time of publication of the stock price of this column was $ 15.52
Now the price is a little higher. But stocks happen quite often.
This column can be safely attributed to suchmiddling Since the column plays exactly at its price. But on the other hand, I came across options when for 16 bucks I received a frank Chinese who could only make sounds remotely similar to music. And there is still a sound.

I'll start with the characteristics taken from the sales page:
Maximum power: 5 W
Memory Card Support: Yes
Built-in Microphone: Yes
Frequency range: 20 Hz-20 kHz
Support Apt-X: No
Water Resistant: Yes (actually not. Well, I'm in
tom doubt it
Connectivity: AUX, Bluetooth
Bluetooth Chip: V4.2
Work time: 10-15 hours

As I said before, the column was purchased for a $ 15.52 share.

The column comes to the buyer in a small box with a company logo:

The package bundle consists of a speaker, an instruction and a cord in which AUX and MicroUSB are combined. In my opinion this is a minus. In case of loss or damage to this wire, it will be difficult to find a similar one.

The column itself has the shape of a washer. The body is made of metal. The bottom of the column is made of material similar to silicone. Metal top mesh:


Also on the bottom side there are 4 buttons:

On the front side there is an additional microphone hole, and under it there are holes for a microSD flash drive:

My SanDisk Ultra 64GB was read without any problems:

On the other hand, there is a dim work indicator and a microUSB port on the column:

What is interesting, despite the column diameter of 9 centimeters, if the top light on the grid, you can see a much smaller speaker:

It turns out that the speaker itself has a size of about half the possible.
Nevertheless, the sound from the speaker is not so bad. There are both middle and upper and lower classes.
True, if we compare the number of bass, for example, with all the well-known Tronsmart T6, then the TISO t10 just nervously smokes on the sidelines:

For verification, I used a column with a smartphone Nomu S50Pro:

The smartphone without any problems found and connected to the column:

The properties indicate that the sound is transmitted over the A2DP profile. Fans of Apt-X in the span. But for the price it is understandable.
As mentioned above, the sound of the speaker is quite neutral. The top is not pulled up, there is not very strong bass. In general, the sound does not cause the desire to immediately turn off this disgrace.
Also besides working in Bluetooth mode, checkedjob playing music with microSD card. On the map I have all the compositions in flac format. The column was able to reproduce these formats without any problems. This is a big plus, given that on the sale page only the MP3 format is listed in the description.
As for the time of work, then my speaker at a not very full volume could hold out for 11 hours of music playback. More precisely, on the first day, she played 6 hours, and on the second day, another 5 hours.
On the volume of the speaker stock is not very large. To voice a small room is enough. But if you take it to the glade on kebabs, the volume may not be enough. But again, I compare it with the Tronsmart T2, T6 and Mega speakers I have. Which sound much louder and better. True and the price they have more than 2 times more.
As a result, for almost 16 dollars, we have quitenot a bad column for its price. Average volume. Normal, but not bad sound. Support for playing Flac from a memory card. More than 10 hours of battery life. Not bad at all.
In the minuses, I would add the declared protection against water. I do not understand where it can be here, given that all the connectors are fully open. Even the microSD connector is on the side and open. The first drops of water will get inside the column and a fur animal will come to it.
Another not obvious minus is the buttons.control speakers that are on the bottom. If you listen to music from a flash drive, and you need to adjust the volume and switch the track every time you pick up and turn the column is annoying.
The rest is the usual column. Which is worth the money. But I will not recommend it for purchase. Not because it is bad, but because it is better to save up money and buy Tronsmart T6.
That's all. I wish you all a pleasant music and good sound.