Wireless computer mouse

This device was bought in order not to run to the computer to pause the movie or something.
It coped with its goal, but not completely. Take would not advise.
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A mouse came in a small box wrapped in a bubble and that's it. Not crumpled.
After opening, he found that it was slightly scratched on the upper surface. It seemed that she used. It's a shame.

It also sticks (clings) sometimes a scroll wheel, but it is not critical (on the back we turn and all the rules). The range of work is weak, or only work at a computer, or 1.5 meters away. It's a shame.
Very light, almost not weighty, but the batteries (2 pcs. AAA) give weight. Of the bonuses, the DPI change button sometimes helps.

Well-assembled (the feeling of cheap plastic in the hand is present), it works and well. To take would not advise.