Silent Rechargeable Mouse T-WOLF Q8

I decided to experiment and took the mouse fromT-WOLF company. To a greater extent, I was attracted by the ability to charge the mouse directly from the built-in microUSB input, because this little feature removes the need to spend my time searching for new batteries when the old ones, as luck would have it, were discharged at the most inopportune moment. In addition, it has silent buttons that do not irritate the loud “clack, clack, clack, clack” in the middle of the night. Communication with the computer takes place via a radio channel; for this, a miniature USB adapter is included.

- Model: T-WOLF Q8
- Resolution: 1200 DPI
- Sensor: Optical
- Wireless coverage: ≤10 m
- Connection: Radio 2.4G
- Power: rechargeable 14500 battery
- Dimensions: 100 x 60 x 37 mm
- Weight: 42 gr
- Compatible Windows 7/8/10, Mac X 10.8 and above
Appearance The device comes packed,consisting of a transparent plastic box and a cardboard envelope, inside which is all the equipment. Full-size images of the mouse and the main technical characteristics are printed on the outside of the envelope. Yellow highlights the main features of this mouse.

The package is modest, only a meter-long microUSB cable, and a warranty card in Chinese. The length of the cable is enough to fully use the mouse while it is charging.

The device has a classic body type withround and symmetrical shapes. The mouse is perfect for both left-handers and right-handers. Keeps in hand confidently, does not slip even after prolonged use. Black and red body is made entirely of matte plastic, rubberized inserts are missing.

On the working surface are standardElements: right and left buttons with scroll wheel. The right and left buttons are pressed easily, the characteristic click is almost absent, because there are silent mikriki. The third button is built into the raised scroll wheel, which is activated when you press the wheel. It is, unfortunately, not silent.

Not without the manufacturer's logo, it is painted on the back of the mouse.

The right and left sides are completely empty,no additional custom buttons. For me, this is rather a plus than a minus - for too long I got used to using the Xiaomi mouse because of the constantly pressing side button “back”. Yes, I know, you could reassign it, but I'm such a lazy person.

Front microUSB port forcharging the internal battery of the mouse. The location is convenient, the connected cable does not interfere at all when working. When charging, the blue LED lights up when the battery is charged, it goes out.

Below are the legs that help the mouse to actively slide on the table, the optics of the sensor and the cover under which the removable battery and USB adapter are hidden.

14500 battery with nominalvoltage of 3.7 V. The measured capacity is far from that declared on the label, only 252 mAh. It's a shame, but it's enough for a mouse, especially since it can be simultaneously charged and used for its intended purpose.

Unlike Xiaomi, the usual red is used here, not the infrared LED. The sensor normally works on the tabletop with a relief, there is no need to buy a mat.

The USB adapter is very miniaturized, it can easily hide in any USB port and will not make your eyesore.

Comparison with the mouse from Xiaomi. T-WOLF has almost the same dimensions, with a more convex back. In theory, thanks to her, she should better lie in her hand, but I was already so used to my Xiaomi mouse that I couldn’t perceive anything else.

Volume buttons.
DisassemblyThe device is quite simple, the elements are at a minimum. Mikriki, a mechanical encoder, an optical sensor, a pair of LEDs, battery contacts, and a handkerchief responsible for communication and charging.

The resultMouse is perfect undemandingusers. It will help preserve the nerves of themselves and their households thanks to the silent buttons that will not constantly “clap” at night, as well as the built-in battery, which allows you not to look for fresh batteries in a hurry. In the minuses bring mismatch battery capacity and the lack of a shutdown button.