Big balls of hydrogel

A small overview of the large balls of hydrogel.
There was already a review of hydrogel balls, but they were small balls for flowers, and these are large and suitable only as toys.
The balls came wet, in a ziplock:

I immediately threw three pieces in half a liter of water. After a couple of hours it began to seem like they were dissolving in water.

But, in fact, they just expanded unevenly, just as promised in the seller’s description (below the seller’s photo):
True, the seller promised that such a “raspberry” would be in a day, and the balls would grow about a week; I have fully grown in 36 hours:

The balls are pleasant to the touch, not slimy, notdisperse in their hands, hands do not get dirty. It feels most like a very dense gelatin jelly. They also look quite good, the color is uniform, there are no internal defects, but on some balls there are surface defects - clearly visible on red, for example.
I tried to dry a couple of pieces, one in the oven at 70 degrees Celsius and ventilation, the second just on the table.
In the oven, the ball dried out in a few hours, but because of the too rapid drying of the outer layers, it tore it to shreds.

He rehydrated normally after that, but, as was to be expected, the result was a pile of shapeless fragments.
The red ball on the table also broke into several pieces along the crack, which was noticeable before drying. But, in general, dries relatively evenly. Here it is after two days of drying:

I think with even more accurate drying (for example, inan empty pot covered with a lid) the balls will be reduced to their original size in two to three weeks without losing their shape. But, for simplicity, they should be considered disposable.
Yes, the blue ball has been in the water for about a week,after the second day, the shape, size, color and structure do not change, its diameter is 55 millimeters, it is approximately like a cylinder 60W of an incandescent lamp. My hands are medium in size, some absolutely tiny palm is shown on the seller’s photos for comparison, which is typical :-).
UPD. I tried to freeze on the advice of the comments. After thawing crumbles into small flakes.
Here it is. To summarize, this is an absolutely useless purchase, which is somewhat lower in quality than promised. I like it.