BP for laptop ASUS F3J

UPD: I do not recommend, died in half a year. At first I whistled slowly, then louder and louder, and finally I stopped turning on the laptop. Disconnected under load.
Good day to all, this is my first review, please do not kick much.)
One day, my hard worker did not turn onASUS F3JR. The battery does not hold for a long time, so we work only from the network. I got a similar BP for my friends to check, it turned out that my branded BP, which was bundled with a laptop, was dead, for some reason, LITE-ON.

After learning the prices offline, I decided to search from the Chinese. Branded disappeared immediately, because of the price, because I have long wanted to check the goods for cheaper, whether they should be taken. After a long search, this lot was selected. The seller sent the next day and now I look forward to the parcel.)

I did not expect this speed, nice. The second time with the Hong Kong Post is such a speed. I will always choose only her, if possible.)
Well, the long-awaited box:

It was packed for 5 plus:

BP characteristics

And this description of the seller:
Power Cord: Included.
Output: 19V, 4.74A
Input: 100-240V,
Power: 90 Watt.
Connector: 5.5 * 2.5mm
Warranty: 3 months
In the description of the seller, there are a lot of models to which this BP fits, my model was not listed. Chose the current, voltage and size of the connector.
Plastic, honestly, smacks, but everythingfit well, no cracks. Connectors are included with a little effort, do not hang out. By the way, native BP was heated like a kettle. This is warm. Let's see what time it will be enough.)
The result - satisfied with the purchase.
UPD: Voltage measured at the output - 19.8 V
Current did not measure, due to the peculiarities of measuring the magnitude.)))
UPD 2 BP stopped working, it turned out it was in the power wire. See for yourself.)

I wrote to the seller, he answered to send him a photo, he would send a new cable.
BP works, while with another power cable.)
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