Men's wallet

Ali beckons me more and now I decided to makeorder. I made it, paid for it, and finally got my long-awaited package with Ali, but ... already without the Stick! At first I thought they would throw it, but it seemed like a proven product! So let's go ...
I consider my purchase quite successful. I will describe the pros and cons.

1) a very high-quality material, most likely leather, may be its type, but the purse is elastic and pleasant to the touch
2) the button is firmly closed and easy to open - it will not come off
3) many offices for credit cards, business cards and other papers and cards
4) two compartments for banknotes - one simple, the second under the lock
5) a rather soft fabric finish of the place for bills, I don’t think that it will “break”
6) for this amount, the prod gave a free track and sent it the next day after payment, while packing it in a quality manner
7) To my surprise, there were two gifts in the package: women’s earrings - a brunet, simple but nice!
I don’t know what is attributed to minuses, but perhaps nota separate place for coins, but I don’t think it’s a minus. Even if you throw some coins into an ordinary wallet, it’s just like a drum and uncomfortable to carry. Trifle can be in your pocket))))
At the same time I ordered a women's wallet from another one, but it still flies, because did not have time to send the holidays. If necessary, I will also make a reviewer upon arrival.
And now the photo