Amazon Kindle case with Voyager 1 print. I want to believe

Hello everybody,
On a recent Amazon Prime Day sale, purchasedThe Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-book, which was licking for a long time, so the price of $ 79.99 left no chance for my toad. However, branded cases didn’t think of getting cheaper, so I bought Ali not the cheapest, but very attractive cover with the Voyager 1 print, this option caused a storm of positive emotions in connection, so to speak, with the memory of a childhood dream ...

I think I will not be mistaken if I say that manyThe readers of my generation, growing up in the 80s, were read in the available science fiction (Strugatsky, Efremov, Snegov, Bradbury, Asimov, Symak, Harrison and many others), dreamed of stars that seemed to be just a little bit more and close and dear, we will meet, at last brothers in mind, and on Mars, nevertheless, I will bloom apple trees. We were looking forward to the new edition of “Young Technique”, “Youth Technique” or “Around the World”, where, in addition to popular articles and application schemes for the hands of weak, but inquisitive boyish minds, science fiction was regularly published, both sometimes in the form of a series stretched for a dozen or two issues and, somehow, it all contributed to the popularization of space, and the astronauts for us, indeed, were heroes.
I don’t remember when I first read aboutflight “Voyager 1”, but the information about it made a big impression and got on the “shelf” in the brain, with such events as the launch of the first satellite, the first flight of Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin, spacewalk of Alexei Arkhipovich Leonov, docking “Soyuz-Apollo "(Oh, how many models I have re-glued in childhood!), The flight of the Buran and other landmarks of space exploration by man. Therefore, no, no, yes, and in the brain of an adult peasant, memories of childhood impressions and dreams will pop up, when something comes to mind that resembles them. So it happened with this case, took without hesitation

If someone doesn't remember, then the Voyager project ismission from the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 devices (weight: 798 kg, payload weight: 86 kg. Length: 2.5 m), launched with a difference of 3 weeks in 1977. Devices are automatic interplanetary stations for the study of distant planets of the solar system. At the moment, this project is considered the most successful in the history of interplanetary research. It is difficult to imagine that the vehicles, whose mission was designed for 5 years, are still functioning and are still capable of transmitting data about the surrounding space. On board the devices there is a large number of recording equipment, which allows to obtain photographs and a sufficiently large amount of measured data. The wiki describes this in detail:

You can monitor the status and removal of devices in real time on the NASA website. here.

About the product.
The product arrived in a simple transparent package (whole):

Workmanship is excellent. The print is very bright, quite clear and sharp:



The surface of the coating has an interesting texture:

On the reverse side there is a photo of a disk with a message to extraterrestrial civilizations:


By the way, disputes still do not stop, it is worthwhether to declare oneself "at all frequencies" to potential "neighbors" in space, between supporters and opponents of the options of "open contact" and "seclusion". On this topic, I advise you to read the fantastic trilogy “The Task of the Three Bodies” by the Chinese science fiction writer Liu Cixin, a very entertaining reading and an interesting look on this topic.
Cover in the opened form. The case is plastic, protects the book from all sides. The cover has a soft coating under artificial suede:

The book was inserted without any problems and sat tightly in the case:

All corners and notches in place, no gap anywhere:

In the center of the right side is a ledge, it is convenient to open an e-book:

At this point in the cover of the cover (between the layers) there is a magnet that activates the sensor of the book: it turns on when the cover is opened, and turns off when closing:

In fact, thanks to the commentators, there are two magnets and one that is responsible for falling asleep, below:

If you bought the Kindle, but saved on the cover- I definitely recommend a review or similar to it, there are different design options and prints. Well protects the book, it is comfortable in the hand, the surface texture does not allow it to slip, the cover can be bent to the “back” of the cover while reading and held between the index and middle fingers, the grip is comfortable, the hand does not get tired. The collage depicted on the print is, of course, even theoretically impossible, it is unlikely that this will happen that Voyager can fly beyond our Galaxy, but this thing gives me only positive emotions in connection with what was said at the beginning of the review and, despite the fact that space , still far, and those who look at the stars have become much less ... I want to believe ...
That's all.

A little bit of humor on the topic.

All good!