Video Doorphone without Handset 8` - Video Door Phone with 8 inch 8 "Color LCD and Camera Door Bell + Register Mail Service

Good day. Today I will tell you about the intercom. In this intercom there is no tube, the speaker and microphone are simply built into the case. The set has everything you need to complete the operation of the device.
Now more.
I must say that the seller has a model with a screen8` and 7`, for two and one calling panel. I took 8 'on 1 call panel. But I advise you to take on 7 `because The instructions say that the resolution is 7` 800x500, and 8` 640x480. They have no other fundamental differences.

Now consider in more detail. The box came not crumpled, because everything is gathered inside tightly. The box is made in the form of a case with a handle.

On the reverse side they even tried to translate the inscriptions into Russian.

Open the box and see in it two more, small and large.

We open the small. In it lies:
-instructions in English
- The power supply unit on 12V, 2A
-Call panel, with IR illumination and wires for connecting to the lock.
-Installation device for "mortise installation" calling panel.
- Corner for installation of the calling panel at an angle.
- A peak for the calling panel.
-Wire to output the signal from the call panel (A / V tulip).
-Cable with a white connector for connecting to an intercom (in the photo, a white connector will cut, then it will be) or a direct connection to the call panel.
- Two wires with black connectors, so as not to cut off the standard connectors for building wires
- A set of self-tapping screws with dowels, two screws for mounting to the corner and two black plugs for closing the holes in the outside panel.
Small cogs for mounting the visor for some reason did not put.

Calling panel visible IR diodes. Dimensions 152x88x31

Open the big box, it contains the intercom and mounting bracket. Dimensions 235x165x32

Top-down buttons:
- Button talk and video surveillance. If you press when calling from the calling panel, you can talk. If you press the code there is no call, the image appears and you can watch what is happening behind the door.
- Button to open the lock.
-Funny button, if you press it when you call that from the calling panel will sound howl sirens, until you release this button.
From the back side of the connector for connecting the call panel

On the right side on the intercom are located (from left to right):
- The button for changing melodies (8 melodies), the displayed melody after power off is reset to the standard one.
-Power connector
- Audio / Video output
-Wheel brightness adjustment
-Wheel volume control negotiation
Change melodies as follows:
Click on the call panel call button, playsmelody, on the intercom we press the button "change melodies" and wait until the next one sounds. Now we are in the mode of changing melodies and pressing the button once changes the melody. How to find the right press the button "open the door."
There is no call volume adjustment, but it is very loud. Of course, it could be due to the fact that both the intercom and the call panel were ringing in the place they were nearby when checking.

This is how you can connect panels to a straight line (against each other), the cable length will be 24 cm. For such a connection, a wall no thicker than 15 cm will fit, for example in an office.

And so in order to increase the wires further.

Well, an example of the image.

From obvious jambs:
-The absence of small screws for mounting the visor
- From under the metal lining on the intercom in two places could be seen remnants of glue, but I easily removed them simply by tearing them off.
-There is a protective film on the screen, but removing it is not so easy, because It is tucked into the plastic case. Those. On the screen, it was first pasted, and then installed in place.
But there is a big plus, you can find the power connector and put a separate power supply unit with a battery and if you turn off the power in your house, your intercom will still work for a while.
I have not installed it yet, as I install it, I will write it.
Set familiar. Everything works, friends liked the device. Problems with the installation did not bring the device. There are no photos of the night mode, because I installed everything in the afternoon and left.
When installing, I removed the opening wires of the lock inside and walked around the lid with silicone, so that the water would not get particularly.
Photos of the entrails of the calling panel.