Making a doll to Hermione from Bel

Hello, today I will talk about the long transformation of Bel from Hasbro into Hermione.
One day, I bought Hasbro's budget Bel at a discount, intending to make Hermione out of it.

The experience in redrawing Hasbro's linen at that time was already there, so without fear I erased the old face and drew a new one:

But I didn’t like her body at all because of its immobility. In addition, Hermione's body was much taller than my Ron from Mattel. Therefore, I ordered on Ali body Azone.
The package went for a long time, because she didn’t want to cross the border of the Russian Federation. Finally the body for Hermione at home:

The body is 21 cm, made of dense plastic. The body is very heavy and pleasant to the touch. Hinges do not creak anywhere, they look neat, there are no defects anywhere. The skin tone is very light.

Together with the body, I ordered 5 pairs of gesture pens (you can also order another 5 pairs of gesture pens from this seller, but I don’t really need them). On the fingers there is a relief of the nails.

Let's compare Belle’s own body and new Azone body:

And now the most important moment has come - the transfer of the head to a new body. It was very difficult to lift the head, but dad could :)

If you put your head on completely, you get this horror:

Adjusted, it came out less. The head sits very tightly, does not bend, moves with difficulty.

Yes, the head is big and the tone of the head and body is different. But Hermione is no longer “wooden” and has become lower than Ron.
After that, Hermione made a bang:

Now consider mobility:

After she dressed Hermione in clothes made from films. Unfortunately, no shoes yet, waiting with Ali.

So, now Hermione is completely ready and can flaunt along with Ron :)

As a result, I want to say that the body of Azone is veryliked. Harmonious, neat and very realistic. And in the clothes there is not even a noticeable raznoton of the head and body, and too big a head does not interfere at all with the whole image.
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