Making a doll

Hello, I will tell you today about the purchased head, which by my efforts turned into a bright lady.
In the review I will briefly show and tell you how I made the doll.
This is my first review, so please be indulgent
I stumbled upon an interesting doll head withoutMakeup and eyes, similar to Kurhn, 1 \ 6. Rubber is soft, but dense, with a pinkish tinge, there is no marriage. Now, unfortunately, you cannot buy from this seller.

The review was not going to do, so detailed photos of the parcel and packaging did not do.
Now the question arose of where and what body to take to her. Expensive body did not want to buy for this, so I began to look for a good fake for the tone of the head.
In Magnet Cosmetic, I discovered what I was looking for. The photo in the box did not, so I had to find the same on the Internet:
It was pleasantly surprised that the hinges are quite tight, there are no irregularities, and the plastic is dense (more detailed photos of the body at the end of the review)
So, as my hands itched, scheduled her makeup:

Then I bought eyes at the nearest store, butUnfortunately, there were none that would suit her. Therefore, it was necessary with the help of self-hardening polymer clay to make eye “whites”, to insert pupils and then to cover with a glossy varnish.

Immediately brought to the end makeup. A serious bright girl came out:

When the eyes froze, she began to create a wig (by the way, the hair for the wig was also bought on Ali, length 15 cm)
Photos in the process of creating a wig not, but ifIn short, she sewed tresses (hairs on the braid) onto a knitted hat-base, immediately creating the desired styling. Then it all stuck to the head with double-sided tape so that the wig does not go over the head. And after made a simple hairstyle so that the hair does not stick out in different directions.
At the top there was a noticeable edge of the tresses, which I later hid with a rim.

It remains only to sew her clothes and pick up shoes:

And the promised body photos:
And finally, a small photo shoot in the garden:
But in general, that's all.