Children's walkie talkie CR388A Kids Walkie Talkies Intercom with the function “radio nanny”

Hello! As promised, I am writing a review of the CR388A Kids Walkie Talkies Intercom children's walkie-talkies with the radio nanny function. I apologize in advance if something is not so called, because I write and see through the eyes of an ordinary customer, without technical education
The package arrived in 10 days in the mail. The box is a little hesitated, but not critical.

Goods to choose from can be purchased in different colors.gamma: blue, orange, pink, green. To do this, when ordering goods, you need to write a message to the seller with your preferred color. I chose orange. Next, the walkie-talkies were packaged in a bubble package for safekeeping during transportation of the goods.
Well, here they are so bright in reality.
Plastic quality and it is felt immediately. Made without flaws and various clues. In the grip area, plastic is made a bit rough to prevent the hand from slipping.
- frequency: PMR446;
- power: 0.5 W;
-battery: compatible with 4 AAA batteries or 4 AAA alkaline batteries;
- age range 3+;
- setting: 8 channels and 99 sub-audio, consisting of 792 additional combinations to prevent interference;
- scan function: to quickly search for all channels (allows you to quickly find new channels or return to the previous one if you accidentally drop your channel);
- volume control;
- LCD backlight: you can change the degree of illumination to save battery power;
- when the battery is low, the walkie talkie will give a warning signal;
- Keypad lock: prevents involuntary changing of settings;
- a choice of 10 ringtones, you can also make a reminder of the call at the right time for you;
The kit includes:
2 x walkie-talkies;
2 x clamps for easy mounting;
1 x user manual.
The radio is small and light, made specifically for children. Dimensions of the radio
This is how a walkie-talkie looks in the hand of a 6-year-old child.
To be honest, I didn’t figure out all the functions yet, so I scanned the user manual for readers.
With the help of a clip that can be easily removed and secured back, the radio is easily attached to the waist.
The only negative, in my opinion, is the lack of a set of batteries. Therefore, I take my battery AAA - 4 pcs., They are quite simple to install
On the side of the radio is PTT - button to switch the radio to transmission mode.
A 2.5 mm jack connector is integrated on top of the radio, which opens and closes easily thanks to a rubberized latch.
Behind the radio there is a sticker indicating the model and some characteristics.
The control panel is ergonomic and easy to use:
- in the center is the “Menu” button, which is responsible for turning on / off and selecting the necessary functions;
- below the button “Menu” connector - microphone;
- button with melody icon - call button of the interlocutor;
- two buttons "arrows" - increase / decrease volume, switch when selecting functions;
- the “MON” (monitoring) button on the radio is used to temporarily open the noise level, when it is pressed, a full scan of all frequencies starts;
- well, on top, of course, a small display.
When turned on, we see:
- battery level;
- image of the antenna;
- volume level;
- VOX is on - radio nanny mode (which is remarkable, it can be made silent on this radio, i.e., the radio will not squeak when transmitting a signal near a child);
- channel number;
- CTCSS system code - noise suppression, coded with a continuous tone or the system identification of the signal "self / alien".
So, for example, the channel selection mode is on.
With an outgoing signal, the radio waves outgoing from the antenna are displayed on the display.
When receiving - incoming radio waves.
Knowing that there are a lot of fans on the Muska to see the "insides", I opened one walkie-talkie, although I myself am not in this boom or boom)))
Well, as for the reception range. First, the walkie-talkies were useful to me now, when we went to the basement to drain water from the batteries, the signal quality did not let me down. The walkie-talkie channels turned out to be identical with the other two walkie-talkies that my child has, so he distributed these two walkie-talkies to his friends from the house next door. In the evening, when children have free time, negotiations begin))) It is impossible to take away, the children are delighted. I tried today to get to the pharmacy one stop among the city buildings, the signal did not stop only at the end there was a little noise (I think it is about 500-600 meters). Of course, in an open area reception will be next. But still, these are children's walkie-talkies, and I would say that the reception range is not quite childish. The quality of performance and design pleased, as well as the range of reception and the presence of the function "radio nanny". As I wrote above, minus one - the lack of batteries in the kit.
Thank you all for watching, I apologize again for my incompetence.

All warmth and good shopping!