Children's camera, which even takes something

Holidays are just around the corner, which means that it's time to buy gifts for your loved ones.
My daughter (4 years old) I ordered a childish onecamera. There were several conditions: outwardly close to the original, ease of use and a minimum of buttons, so that he could take something off. What did I get in the end?

The toy came in a simple box. In the kit, in addition to the camera itself, there is a USB cable, a hand strap and a piece of paper in English with brief instructions and characteristics of the device. Flash drive not included.
Box and manual

The toy is assembled neatly, there is no feeling of cheapChinese plastics. It feels a bit like soft touch. There is nothing to complain about. On the one hand, a rubber-enclosed slot for micro SD and USB for charging. Below a small switch like a toggle switch, I have no idea why it is needed, because it does not turn on the camera, but only allows it to be turned on with a button on the front panel. Still there is a hole under the tripod. Behind us, as expected, the screen is 2 inches, a speaker and a few buttons. On top of the shutter button. Instead of a video finder ... just a hole. Here it was possible to at least insert a glass. Near the lens there is a small hole - a microphone.

The camera weighs about like a smartphone, i.e. almost nothing. Appearance diligently trying to look like an adult machine.
Comparison with Canon 550D

The software part and all that
Here we are all very simple (for children). From the main menu with crooked icons, you can turn on: view the captured image, select a photo or video, go to settings or ... play a snake. Poor settings allow you to choose the quality of shooting photos and videos. Disable the nasty squeaker, choose something related to nutrition and, in fact, change the language (there is Russian here). The very process of shooting as much as possible simplified. No focus, no automatic mode, nothing ... The camera shoots about like old push-button telephones. Pointed-clicked-looked at the result. The screen here is simple, I would even say “poor”. Pixels can be seen with the naked eye, dark and gives a kind of gray-green.
Screen photo at work

Well, the main question: how does this miracle shoot? And it removes approximately at the level of front-facing phones from budget phones 3-5 years old. In general, under the cut can assess the quality of shooting.
A photo

So what do we get for 26 bucks? High-quality body, which is nice to hold, but mediocre stuffing. And if it is quite possible to put up with the screen, the camera itself could be at least a little better. But, I think, the daughter will still be pleased with the gift. To understand the basic principles of shooting a toy is quite suitable.