Kids Magic Water Mat - American Thomas Aquadoodle Aqua Doodle Drawing Mat & 1 Magic Pen

Magic rug for drawing water - about such a literal translation.
This mat, due to its special composition,allows you to draw on it with ordinary water. The image gradually disappears within 3-5 minutes. Suitable for children from 1-2 years. For convenience, there is a special pencil that fills with water. You can also draw with brushes, special stamps, and of course with your hands.

Develops the imagination and talent of drawing your child!
The rug is made of high-tech, non-toxic materials.
Dimensions: 95 * 80cm.
Structure: surface of 65% polyester fiber, 30% cotton, lower 100% waterproof PVC.
In total there are two versions of rugs: with english and french names. See photos for details. Unfortunately, the seller will send them in random order. At first I thought alternating them through one, until they sent 3 rugs with the French language.
Initially, the seller was at least 2 pieces for sale, at $ 19.29.
I ordered 10 pieces of these rugs for friends. Later, I wrote off with the seller, in order to be able to send them individually.
The seller replied that they were placing an order, and make a note that you need 1 piece. What I did the day before, and the price rose by $ 3. But now one by one everyone is sent.
When ordering three rugs, the seller put a small gift. In the first case, 3 simple stickers, in the second case - 2 flexible simple pencils.
Trifle of course, but nice.
Now photos.
English version:

Additional photos of the edges of the rug

We wet the edges of the rug and see color drawings.

Additional photos of the edges of the rug

French version:

Wetted edges

A little video of how this works.
№1 English version
№2 French version

Additional photos

1. One of the largest sizes of this type of rug.
2. Since water is used for drawing, then you can leave your child alone to do it without fear that it will stain or ruin it.
Only one that the price has risen.
Some more information can be found at Aquadoodle official website
p.s. If you have any questions, or something is not clear, write, I will answer.