Display for Samsung S4

Parsing box computer desk was foundbox with a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. He had long been given away for repair by one relative, but after learning the price for the display, she changed her mind and said, “want it, do it and leave it to yourself”. So, at that moment prices were from 3500-4000 r in China, in Russia of course more expensive. But now the cost has fallen, and I decided to repair this unit.

Initially, I wanted to take a chance and buy an analog,cost in the region of 1500-1700 (with frame). But the reviews were ambiguous - some are super, others have stopped working, dim lights, etc. Later was found AMOLED display assembly with a frame for 2500 p. “Not bad” - I thought and ordered.
It came in less than 2 weeks. Included were screwdrivers, which are very needed, because the house did not find anything suitable.

That's how the display on the phone crashed - finally and irrevocably

In the replacement itself is nothing complicated. First, unscrew all the screws and remove the unit with a speaker and antenna.

Next, remove the rear plastic part of the phone. Everything keeps on snaps.

Now turn off all cables, antenna cable, unscrew the screw on the board and remove it.

Heat the bottom board with a hair dryer and remove

Remove cameras, speaker, sensors and headset jack.
Compare displays - all the same

Install all parts in reverse order.

Turn on - yes, it is amoled. The colors are as bright and juicy.

Check on the black picture - if there is a backlight. She is not

Then I decided to check the display by color, and so I noticed the following, on a white background you can see better:

The matrix has already faded a little, it can be seen from the strip above. With normal use not noticeable.
Conclusion - this display has been restored, that is, the matrix is ​​old, the glass is new.
By the way - there is an oleophobic coating on the glass, it is the same as the pptv king 7 phone.
In general, the display is completely satisfied, it is a pity that I got caught with a defect. Although - for such money, what else to expect? It works fine - and thanks)
Thank you for attention!