Reed switch (Reed Switch 3 pin 2.5X14MM) mini-review

When I realized that happiness is not only normalopen reed switches, but also normally closed, I wanted it to be combined. And I found such a switch. In short - it works. Is there the same, but with mother-of-pearl in a plastic case?
It went from the track to the border of Russia. 20 days and about the same without a track after the border. A small package-pupyrka thrown into the box.

Data from the seller:
Maximum power: 4 W
Maximum switching voltage: 60VDC / VAC
High voltage: 60VDC / VAC
Maximum switching current: 0.25A
Maximum load current: 0.5A
Maximum contact resistance: 115 m
Minimum insulation resistance: 2 x 107/2 x 109
Action time: 0.25 ms
Bounce Time: 0.05 ms
Frequency range: 3000 Hz
Sensitive value: 10 ~ 20AT
Minimum reset value: 5ft
Maximum contact capacity: 2.0PF
When he bent his legs to test the performance, one broke, so 4 pcs.

On a breadboard with a pitch of 2.54 mm

How does it work

+ Works
- Glass is fragile.
Everything. We disperse, boys.