giant designer Lepin Millenium Falcon 05033

82 cm, 9 kg, 5265 parts, 2 weeks of assembly, 500 push-ups - all this is one of the largest designers of Lepin in terms of numbers. Attention, there are a lot of photos below.
Little by little the designers that the son collects are allincreased and increased in size, reaching its apogee in this model. In principle, the scale of the construction can be judged by the numbers above and only “500 push-ups” will remain hazy.

Actually there is no secret, skill in 6years to collect calculated for "13+" Lego is good. And unsuccessful floundering on the floor in an attempt to wring it out is bad. So about three months ago, we started a long and still ongoing OFP marathon.
“Whip” I try to use here at least tonot to discourage, I saw such tears end, "go fight, or you will beat off the whole backside!" “Gingerbread” was made by this giant designer. To unblock access, I set a bar for my son in 500 push-ups and jumps. At least 5 pieces a day, but until the required level was reached, the box with the designer could only be looked at. Well, in order to heighten interest, he gave access to the instructions. In general, for the week mastered.
This completes the background and begins the assembly saga.
I came across a gift option in the box. It is reasonable to order a regular set without it. On the trip, it will still be remembered and torn (see photo below, this could not be avoided), and a beautiful cardboard has a significant effect on the cost of the order.
See, the box is gigantic. For the scale at its very bottom is 18650 acc. In general, printing and design are not bad.

Similarly, there are no complaints in terms ofprinting to the instructions, which is a thick spring-loaded Talmud almost finger thick. Here indifferent attitude to the collectors could greatly complicate their lives. Fortunately, all the necessary tags and stuff are present here, helping to figure out what to put.

Inside are 4 boxes, they are marked a, b, c, d.

Understanding the scale of the work, I was delighted at first, having decided that this marking means the sequence.
Revealed, it is, box A, laid out allneatly and decided that just as slowly and gently it will be possible to begin. Inside, by the way, the same type of parts are sorted by bags. Without this, the assembly would become substantially, substantially heavier.

Actually, this is the assembly site for me first. How naive I was ...

As a result, it immediately became clear that the parts necessary for the initial steps are in other boxes and everything began to look like this.

Since the designer is very heavy, it is logicalthat it is built around the frame. I have complaints about some constructive solutions in this designer, but the frame is really good. Technically, around her, you can build some kind of your own variation of the “Millennium Falcon”, which is actually a game, unlike a review collection one.

A kind of plugs are installed in the empty places of the frame on the bow and stern in order for the hull to gain some kind of full-bodied, wholeness.

At this stage, the designer is still playing, until these parts are closed, you can run around and around with figures and move the ship, since it's still light.

It is clear that with such weight of the designer reliable supports are necessary. Here they are constructively successful, no complaints.

While the assembly is underway, the main characters check what's on the newbie.

The daughter also does not waste time and arranges a plush orgy

Little by little the body is overgrown with meat. With the installation of the final part of the frame, it acquires a well-known shape.

There is not much left!

Already at this stage excellent detail begins to emerge. In the constructors of the order of a thousand microscale parts (any cannon-ryushechki) not to provide, right there without any problems.

“Horns” on the nose are closed at the top and bottom with flat plates, alas, they are fixed and have no gaming potential. Which, however, does not interfere with them looks very personable.

It would seem that for a purely collectible “polochnik”, which cannot be turned back and forth, the presence of detail in the lower part of the body is not critical. But no - under the tail, too, there is something to surprise.

Gun turret with removable cover

Well ... actually almost everything. The final touches are the installation of the upper plates on the stern.

This was the result of a huge constructor.

I advise you to watch the video, there are still moving elements shown here - the side and nose ladders, the upper gun turret

It was a very informative experience that I(knowing now that this will result in a two-week assembly marathon) I saw in a coffin. Well, it was possible to please the son - and that is good. Despite its size, the designer is complex in moderation. There are some moments that caused difficulties, but only in the presence of a lack of observation, and not a complicated construct. And I can say that half of this huge ship successfully assembled the usual 6-year-old boy (with the “father-intake”, of course).
There are shoals:
Unplayability. for all its cyclopicity, there is no way to raise parts of the body, as in the usual medium-sized constructor. Sorry, that would be really cool! Stocks of length and width would be enough for a good game inside.
Some parts require additional reinforcement. If you put on the shelf and do not touch, then this is not a problem. If you somehow touch and try to play - they fall off, you need to reinforce them with simple 3x2 / 2x2 and other details.
By the way, with regard to equipment - everything is in place. There was not only one or two long sticks, which are especially decorative. But in excess of other spare parts.
In the pros:
Huge size and assembly time. those who appreciate the process itself will get it to the maximum.
Reasonable price relative to the original.
Constructive and quality of parts, complete coincidence of the latter with the original.
Frankly, I did not expect such a low gamingpotential and plan to sell the designer, buy instead a "death star", which, with almost the same number of parts, is completely open to the game and takes up less space. Well, here you need to clearly understand what you want, from the position of the collection item, Lepin 05033 is actually devoid of flaws and ask for more from it than it can give silly.