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Multifunctional bandana - in Russian it is calledbuff Chinese replica of the original bandanas, which are rumored to be made in Italy itself. In fact - knitted (fleece, wool, and also from Polar) "tube", which can be worn in a bunch of different ways. Convenient for various sports as a scarf, bandanas, balaclavas, balaclavas.

The seller offered to choose the necessary colorsbandanas, assuring that they will complete the order in accuracy. In fact, out of 50 pieces ordered, those were not 10. But, I think, with a piece order, this problem will be removed automatically :)
Each buff came packaged in a separate bag, on which are printed pictures with options for wearing and a cloth care instruction.
Bandans themselves, according to the manufacturer - 100%microfiber. Drawings are clear, well printed. The material stretches no more and no less than necessary. The size of each bandana is 25x50 cm, which allows you to twist it as you like and on the head of a three-year-old child, and an adult.

Bandanta edges are not processed, but on my otherThe buff bought in England for 20 bucks (and here everyone costs a bit more expensive than a bucks) is exactly the same story, so I don’t see any reason to blame the Chinese for laziness and flaws. In the use of bandanas were a short time, but proved to be good. Spent on gifts :)
For scale - buff with kote