I7s TWS Sports Bluetooth Earphones with Microphone

Hello, the most tolerant readers of Runet,Today on my desk was a Chinese likeness of headphones called I7s TWS. Apple set a trend for wireless headphones, and our Chinese friends immediately filled the market with their likeness, one of these products will be discussed.


Headphones come in a cardboard box on the front side of which is an image of headphones
and name

On the back of the technical specifications and information on compatibility with Android and IOS

at the end are color options

We receive instructions from the staff in English and Chinese and a charging cable.

Under the lid meets the case he is charging station for headphones

there is a gap on the front side to open the lid, there is a button on the bottom for powering the headphones

while charging, the red LED is on, when the headphones are charged, the blue light comes on

there is a micro connector on the backusb to charge the station itself. The case is plastered with a blue sticker that is ready to fall off from the first minutes of use, the same quality of the stickers on the headphones

At the bottom of the case there are 2 pins, on which headphones are placed for charging, headphones are held very tightly, do not fall out

On the bottom of the headphone there are holes for connecting to the case.

the speaker is protected by a metal grid

To turn on, use the button on theearphone Pairing with the sound source here is the following, you can use the headphones separately, for this you just need to press a button, find the device in the phone via BT and connect

In order to use both headphones, you must turn them on, then press one button twice on one of them and only then connect via BT.
Well, some photos about the showdown

The sound, to put it mildly, is bad;you will hear that they are not very suitable for listening to music, the quality of the microphone is similar, the interlocutor will not be happy to hear you) may be suitable for listening to audio books and not for long, the charge will last for a maximum of 2 hours, and then you will have to wait 1.5 hours for them to charge. Buttons can be used to switch tracks, but the buttons are pretty tight, maybe over time and developed. I have nothing more to add about this garbage, I will not even recommend students who want to look like owners of expensive apple devices, take pity on their ears. Thanks for taking the time to read.