interesting children's backpack with teddy birami

Review last, chesslo!
Also recently received a long-awaited (2 months) backpack. To be honest - the picture was better, but its $ 15 worth (not more)
In general, when I was waiting for a package, I sometimes looked atthe seller’s page and saw a strange one: a bunch of drawbacks for a poor-quality product, it was generally closed. Now put himself back, but would not risk buying from him again.

And yes, there is such an item in the description, “If you’ve added it to your store list, you’ve been deceived. Trifle, but unpleasant.
I'll start with the good: should like. Small (30x25x10 cm), covered in sullen pedo-bears (for some reason, resembling creativityVasi Lozhkina), rag material is not so bad, in contrast to the nylon pink-snot Vinkks, sold at every turn, and certainly "no one has this."
A reasonable number of pockets + one "secret" inside (rather lousy quality, unfortunately).
I did not test for strength, well, and not to drag bricks, and even not textbooks yet. For the same reason, you can close your eyes and the lack of "back".
That's so smoothly turn to the minuses.
Material dermantin (or who he is there) is simply terrible. Thin, fall apart with heavy use, cut and stitched ugly. The special bathert delivers the strap of the pseudo-castle, it is simply terrible.
I do not know how long the straps will live (both themselves and the attachment), but they are not much better.
Between the pockets in front is so thin material that it seems you can accidentally poke a finger.
In general, I don’t regret about the money spent, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it.
Well, see the rest in the photo.

Once again I will say: yes, horror, but not “horror-horror”