4-head Electric Toothbrush

I decided to buy an electric toothbrush for the child so that I would not be afraid to go to the dentist’s. I opted for such a family version.
Sent brush was China Post, reached me in 23 days from the date of payment.
She came in a high-quality, sealed blister wrapped in a lot of pimples.

Includes 4 nozzles, each with its own color and each with its own cap.
There is also a plastic stand forconvenient storage of the entire kit. The stand does not seem flimsy. However, the handle and the additional nozzles in the stand "hang out". Probably this was done on purpose so that when taking out one of the objects it does not overturn the others.

Works brush from 2 AA batteries (not included).

Very pleased with the quality. Everything is done carefully. Battery compartment with rubber o-ring. Those. brush should not be afraid of water. Nozzles, judging by the instructions, you can safely wash under running water.

During operation, the head makes rotational movements from side to side. In this case, the brush produces a very moderate noise. It works confidently, not wedging when pressed.

Generally satisfied with the purchase. The child is now brushing his teeth with special care, trying not to offend any tooth. For adults, too, a useful unit. Brush your teeth better than a regular brush, and the brushing process becomes more interesting.
Along with the review hero, I also ordered just such brush. I do not advise her to take it at all. Came in a box, all posharpanaya, as if used. Plastic disgusting, immediately cracked in three places. The nozzle does not hold in the handle. When working very much buzzing. At the same time, the head does not rotate, but rather vibrates, constantly wedges when you want to brush your teeth better.
After such a comparison, conclusions can be drawn.
Conclusions: inexpensive high-quality electric toothbrush. Good for family use. You can buy.