Chinese uggs baby

We continue to wait for the snow. We got the child winter boots with mezzanines, sighed and put them back - everything was predictable and expectedly little.
I did not want to buy expensive children's footwear in Moscow, so I began to look for sellers on Ali with delivery strictly through the smart HK post.

The package went exactly 13 days, making a detour through Orenburg - (dear PR, do you like puzzling ..) I arrived without a box - the ugg boots were packed tightly in a pimple and film. However, nothing choked and arrived intact.
No foreign smell from the shoes did not emanate.
A cardboard pin was pinned to the ugg.label with the label "YGG". In the photo of the seller, there was no point of view from the heel side, and it became clear why: the manufacturer did not forge the Australian brand, but put inconspicuous labels with hieroglyphs in its place:

The material outside is honest, great suede. But inside was not sheepskin, and synthetic fur, although it is wonderfully soft. Again, there’s nothing to get to the seller - the photos of the lining material are not visible, and in the description nothing was promised

All seams are excellent, on a solid five:

The sole is rubber, with a radial pattern, the edging is well sewn:

And here is the photo on the owner - he has the 34th size;accordingly, they took the smallest of the available ones, 35th = US Size 5, sat down as poured by the thick fur inside. So count on a little small size; In general, the dimensional grid corresponds to the usual European.

Bottom line: a very decent quality for their money. A saleswoman - a respectful talented compilation of a description that you don’t want to dig under