Clipper, trimmer Riwa k3

Today we will talk about a clipper
I ordered for myself because I do not like shaving, I use it as a trimmer for a beard, so it works steadily 2 times a week, not counting the haircut of her son and herself.

Came in due time, proofs did not survive therefore p.18

A little dented box)) hello Russian mail. But everything was intact, it included oil for greasing the blades, but recently I read that they are pulling it out at customs for fear of smuggling something forbidden, so you may not have it.

The photo lacks some scissors, tried to cut a piece of paper with them and didn’t like it very much.

In the instruction manual in Chinese in one, in another comb, brush for cleaning and oil about which previously wrote

Memory adapter

Characteristics of the charger and cord length 1.5 m

So, what are we trying to entice advertising with: LED display, promise full charge in 2 hours, high battery capacity, wired and wireless use, and ipx5 moisture protection

And some technical characteristics so as not to remove the linear dimensions.

The machine came charged, in the photo indication thatthe battery is discharged, I have been using it for a year, I charged it 5 times maximum, today I am writing a review and it was just discharged to see the full charge time of the charge (it turned out 1 h50 min.)

In the meantime, about the nozzle. It is one and moves out with a wheel, with a clamp, each click increases the reach of the nozzle by 1.5 mm, but the display then turns off and turns on at the next value of 6mm. And so on until 22mm

The nozzle is removed from the machine well, just pull it slightly in different directions.

As the inscription inside the nozzle prophesies to us, ABS is built into it, therefore it will not be overwhelmed)))

Knives can also be removed easily enough, which is a definite plus, for cleaning after use. You need to click on the knives down and they will click off

Separate blade with number

View from under the blades. This black paralon lining is very much clogged with hair and is cleaned only with tweezers, and yes, on the back of the machine, too, the technical characteristics in Chinese

Turn off the two screws

One of the charging channel

And the fourth is hiding under glass

Remove the cover and pull out the mechanism from the case, it keeps on the latches


We twist the ring and pull out the nozzle height adjustment mechanism

Turn off the 8 bolts and remove the front panel. Guts who are interested in?


test for a living person

For participation in the test, thanks to the employee))
So let's summarize: long hair cuts are not very good, but I think that, like all machines, it doesn’t sting hair, for home use the thing is, after a year of use it started to work a little bit noisier, it was originally very quiet, the son began to sit and get a haircut without scandal . After the manipulations, I don’t think that it will correspond to ipx5, although before that I washed everything with water with a normul))) I think you can buy. I like. Happy shopping, thanks for your time.