Mp3 hi from the past or do it yourself

To begin with, this is a typical Chinese DIY, when the main difficult part is soldered and the smd resistors and control buttons need to be unsoldered. The main attraction was in file formats
Supports MP3 and other major music formats, does not support lossless monkey, supports lossless MP3 and WMA lossless, with FM radio function, supports TF card playback.

monkey lossless music,
APE does not play.
As it seems to me, it is a bit strange to buy a MP3 player in the distribution of the player, or even almost completely assembled.
I was curious about curiosity six months agobought such a stray. The first thing that surprised me and attracted, the inscription on the board 2012 year. The second promise is to play lousse la music in WMA. Let's get acquainted closer with pribluda.
"LCD display English / Russian adjustable
Supports MP3 and other major formatsmusic, does not support lossless music monkey, support lossless MP3 and WMA lossless, with FM radio function, support TF card playback, support sync deactivation, alarm clock support, with charging module and other functions, main control-AP1986D, With mono 3 W amplifier (interface image view) with AUX stereo audio output
The battery should connect a 3.3-4.2 V rechargeable lithium battery
Board size: 60 * 40 mm „
And this is a miracle in my hands, worth only 3.17 dollars. you need to solder the buttons, and the resistors on the control unit, and the battery. It takes about 10-15 minutes.
I turn on, the screen lights up and claims that it is Hyundai.
The menu is simple to ugliness:
1. “music”
2. "settings"
3 "entry"
3. "FM radio".
3.1 Auto search
3.2 manual search
3.3 save stations
Turns on immediately FM. It catches quite well, sadly that the speaker output is “mono”, the Stereosaurus from the set will not work. Immediately there is a question about the case, honestly I have not yet invented, perhaps it will go under repair.
The microphone indicates that it canused as a recording device. With micro USB charges the battery, there is a headphone output, input. Judging by the circuitry, this player was released as an OEM, for building inexpensive MP3 players, unlike players with a clip, there is a screen and management is visible. All this will be shown in the photo. The AP1986d processor. The sound on the mono is deaf. If he had fallen into my hands about thirty years ago, I would know what to do with it, as well as another gadget with an uncertain fate.
The cost of developing the case exceeds its usefulness, the only plus is that the power source can be a battery of any size.
Well, a few photos with instructions for assembling

And my photos, made on the knee and snot

Menu overview

Most of all, it’s surprising where the development from 2012 was lying around, that year it could be used as a stuffing MP3 player with voice recorder function.
Waiting for a description of the frequency response and other delights, please do not worry, nothing will be what you can expect from the SOC 2011 release in 2019. Nothing.