MSUR N650 is a good start for the novice audiophile.

A year and a half ago, a colleague brought his workFiio x3 with Audio-Technica M50x headphones, so began my acquaintance with the world of Hi-Fi music. And after the acquaintance followed Wishlist and flour choice. The result of the choice was a set of Xduoo X10 and MSUR N650 headphones. If there are enough reviews written about the player, then the headphones have been undeservedly ignored. I want to restore this review to restore justice and share my impressions of the wonderful headphones that I have been using for more than a year.

Specifications and equipment
Resistance: 32ohm
Sensitivity: 105dB
Frequency range: 5-25000 Hz
Rated input power: 10 mW
Maximum input power: 1000 mW
Cable: 1.4 + 2 m., Removable in both cups. 2.5 mm connectors.
50mm beryllium alloy driver
Accessory: 1 piece 3.5 mm / 6.3 mm adapter
Plug Diameter: 3.5mm

You can choose the option in gift wrapping or without. He took for himself, so he decided not to overpay for the box.
Materials and appearance
The first feature of the MSUR N650 is the walnut body. I do not know about the nut, but the tree is 100%.

Outside cups are laminated.

Ear cushions made from soft, thin skin.
The membrane is claimed with a beryllium spray, did not disassemble.

Mounts cups made of aluminum and wood, look beautiful and reliable.

The headband sits firmly enough on the head, the ears do not crush.
Complete cable.

The short cable looks flimsy, but in fact quite strong, there is a microphone.
Included was another adapter for 6.3mm, did not take pictures (too lazy to look), just an adapter, nothing special.
Basically, I use headphones with the Xduoo X10. Less often with an external SMSL M8A DAC + SMSL SAP II amplifier.
Fully headphones opened in a weekuse, specifically they did not warm up, the difference was noticeable, the bass sounded as it should. Headphones can be recommended as universal, coping perfectly with any genre. I listen to everything from classic to heavy metal. There is enough bass, although there is still not enough bashedam. Low frequencies are well controlled, do not climb in the middle, do not get into a mess. The middle is fine, the vocals sound natural. The top is raised a little, but I could hear it only through an external DAC and amplifier, perhaps this is the influence of the DAC itself. The scene for closed headphones is good. Separation of tools and detailing at a good level.
If you compare them with the N650 Audio-Technica M50x,These headphones are very similar in sound. To find the difference you need to listen long and meticulously, a slight difference in the sound of the low frequencies is heard on some tracks.
If you compare the N650 with the more expensive AKG K712,the latter of course win, which is not surprising, but there is no difference “WOW”, it’s just that the basses are juicier, the scene is wider and the detail is better. Separately, I will not write about the pros and cons, considering the price (at the time of purchase 6500r) I was very pleased with the headphones and I can recommend them to anyone who wants to get Hi-Fi sound for a reasonable price.
P.S. This is my first review, headphones were bought for their money. Do not kick for lack of style.