NICEHCK EP10 | the same headphones from a gift bag on sale 11.11

These headphones on November 11 were sold at a reduced price.price ($ 10). NiceHCK store made a funny action, hung out a bag with unknown headphones for sale, and that was exactly what the EP10 was in that bag. Such actions have their pros and cons. We receive the goods at a reduced cost, but we cannot know what is inside the bag.

Understandably, in a similar bag no one will put BGVP DMG, or at least Tin Audio T2, the Chinese are not fools :)
This is how the photo of the lot looked like, price tag: $ 9.90 (currently $ 19.90), which is 2 times more expensive.

Characteristics: -resistance: 32 ohm
sensitivity: 95 ± 3 dB / mW
-frequency range: 20-40000Hz
-Cable: 1.2m ± 3cm, braided
emitter: dynamic, 11 mm, PET diaphragm
The box is already flashed in my previous reviews. If I understand everything correctly, all nominal headphones are now supplied in an updated box. EP10 are shown in front:

Sideways marked my delivery option: silver / without microphone.

On the other side is the contact information (twitter, facebook). By the way, various discounts are often published on Twitter.

Well, behind the listed characteristics:

Inside there is a hard case-case with a zipper, nominal.
The whole set is in your court, there are already two sets of ear cushions (ordinary, Christmas trees (two-flange).

The case is also sold separately, it costs about two dollars.

Run through the nozzles. By default, put on small ear cushions that are slightly elongated. They are drawn for a reason, not for beauty. The fact is that the headphones have a very short sound guide, and with the wrong selection of ear cushions - the body can literally fall out of the ears. But the size of the nozzles themselves is very strange, they are very small, as for me, what kind of insulation there is, what are you, what are you talking about.
Additional Information

Well, okay, in the set we have two sets:

Christmas trees: provide reliable fixation in the ears, good sound insulation. But still the short sound guide makes itself felt, there is such a feeling that the headphones did not fully fit. But in general, not bad, I would choose them from the whole set of ear cushions.
Simple nozzles: already a little worse in fixing, it is worth a little to touch the earpiece, as it literally flies out, sadness.
Spinfit CP145: fixing is slightly better than normal, insulation is normal. Stopped on them.
Cable braided and very high quality (4vein), I immediately recall trn any, V80 or ears from QKZ, with the same cable. Not mikrofonit, not confused, does not remember the position. The declared cable length is 110 centimeters, but the measurement turned out to be 115 cm.

NiceHCK EP10, the general plan:

When wearing the splitter will be located atbelly. It is partly made of plastic and partly of metal, there is an application of EP10, there is a slider for height adjustment, the fixation is normal (remembers the position).

I see the plug not for the first time (I’ve seen one in the NiceHCK EB200 inserts), it’s straight and metal, it also provides a protective cambric.

We are dealing with budget headphones, the manufacturer decided not to spoil us with a removable cable.

Enclosures are designed to be worn down. Metal headphones, with a good build quality, everything is done according to the mind.

The leg is also metal, smoothly moving into the body of the earpiece. There are no seams on it, it is really solid, high-quality construction.
The sound engineer has the correct angle of inclination, but here's a pancake ... it is so short ... There is a ledge, and if you measure the diameter on this ledge, it turns out that the diameter of the sound guide will be 5.5 millimeters.

As without a metal mesh, it is of course present (slightly recessed into the sound guide).

Nearby there is a compensation hole and a channel mark:

Of course, traces and small scratches (formed with time, with active use) remain on the cases.

Gluing the two halves does not cause complaints, the construction is of high quality, without gaps.

Behind us are 4 more small holes:

The weight is very decent, 8 grams.
Additional Information

With selected nozzles, we get, well, just a smart fit, the hulls will not stick out at all, they look good in the ears.

And this is how they look when viewed from the front:


Sources: Sonata iDSD Plus, RUIZU A50, Xiaomi Redmi 3 Note Pro.
Headphones generally undemanding to the source, Sansa clip plus? Good, smartphone arc for $ 50? No problem.
And the sound of what we have here. Suddenly I liked the headphones, but this does not mean that I will recommend them for purchase. I will say this, well, they are very much an amateur, there is such a category of listeners who will like this sound. Here I will take: tchfobov, lovers of quiet and relaxed sound, without accents at medium or high frequencies. That is, on the pitch, these headphones are clearly darkened. Of course, there is a simplification in the whole range, so I would refer the EP10 to the category of headphones for “background” listening.
The feed is an unusual, noticeable pit at mid frequencies, high frequencies are generally cut off, but the bass is dominant, the bass is deep and surround.
High frequencies.
The high-frequency range is noticeably undercut so thatThese headphones are incredibly comfortable. You can listen to them for hours on end, sibilants, sharp and unpleasant peaks (hello KZ) do not strain your ears, since they are completely absent. Also there are no various peaks at the upper mid-frequencies.
Medium frequencies smoothed, typical suchDynamic sound of inexpensive headphones. Of course, the detailing leaves much to be desired, the presentation of the sound is more consistent, without accents on quiet and inconspicuous sounds. The scene is narrow, you can say a little sandwiched. The voices of the vocalists sound strange, on the one hand the vocals are realistically transmitted, but they come across as if from the bottom, in general, the middle one is obviously lowered. As a big fan of the “Smooth Jazz” genre, I immediately noticed a simplification in the middle frequencies, the saxophone sounds restrained, plays rather from the bottom, as if from a basement :)
If you take electronic music (Safri Duofor example), the low frequency range sounds quite good. Sometimes, of course, there are tracks on which a certain overload is heard, this is when there is a feeling that there is too much bass, it is not the fastest (doesn’t keep up with the composition), and slowly fades, there is one. The main emphasis here is on low frequencies, the sub bass is deep, pronounced. For this price category, the low frequencies are not bad, at about the level of some models from Knowledge Zenith.
The legibility of the instruments in the low frequency range, the separation of low frequencies is all wrong, EP10 give out more consistent sound, it is worth considering.
KZ ZSN: Here the mids sound a little higher (there is no such strong failure), the scene is slightly better, the detailing is higher. I will say this, ZSN is more versatile in sound (you can take), but one thing infuriates me: there is music in poor quality, or tracks dominated by electric guitars / plates - well, the reinforcement radiator in this case sounds just plain poor (this is my opinion , whether you like it or not)) the sound really breaks down into a squalid porridge, the plates begin to sand ... EP10 in this regard, I like a lot more. BUT, of course, in detail they lose (dimmer).
Meze 11 Neo: EP10 are similar to Meze 11 Neo (now no joke), but 11 Neo is certainly better in all respects. Better scene (wider), more high, mids better in detail. Headphones from Meze sound smoother, less bass, but the quality is better. Both those and other headphones sound very comfortable (in both cases 1 dynamic emitter is installed).
Total. I will refrain from recommendations, but if you like the description, you can take a closer look. You should not expect miracles from them, they are inexpensive and quite simple dynamic headphones. I will note the high-quality metal cases, a good cable, a double set of ear cushions. The sound is of course short, but this problem is eliminated by nozzles.
November 23, the seller once again launched the action, inside were hybrids:
The review will also be. Got just 27 dollars.
Thank you for attention.
Update. In Kazan -17 at the time of the review, tested the EP10. What can I say, the cable, of course, immediately kamenet, but the case cools the ears only slightly, that is, about half an hour-an hour you can withstand, a slight cooling effect).