NICEHCK P3 | one more headphones from a gift bag.

One more headphones from a gift bag fromNiceHCK store. They were ordered on a black Friday (November 23). The essence of the action is that the seller put the goods in a hidden bag at a reduced price ($ 27). Inside could theoretically be Tin Audio T2 for example. But it turned out NICEHCK P3. I honestly am disappointed, because now these headphones cost only $ 34, well, and what is the actual benefit ...

The choice of the seller offers two colors, it seems, it was necessary to take the blue :)

Who does not remember, the bag looked like this:

The store apparently decided not to spend money on a full box. In the role of the box we have a well-known, tight case-case with a zipper. Of course, it is nominal, there is a drawing with the name of the store.

The kit is not bad, a bunch of different nozzles, which are scattered in small zip bags.

By nozzles. I tried the foam ones and immediately took them off for one simple reason - they muffle high frequencies (of which there are not many). But two-flange in the subject, with better insulation. The usual standard nozzles are soft, they did not like.

Overall plan:

I already surveyed the cable, did not expect to see it here. Exactly the same cable is used in the version NiceHCK M6 ($ 100). Before the splitter, it is braided, and after it is gone. Silicone braid, reliable.

It is twisted weakly; two wires are easily unraveled.

The divider carries the function of the splitter of thesewiring, that is, no soldering is not there. The divider itself, I can not call metal, metal only body (very thin by the way), and under it is plastic.

G-shaped plug with protection. It uses metal and plastic, so to speak two in one. It is massive and comfortable, I like it.

The bite has no memory effect, it is formed by heat shrinking.

It is flexible and soft, that is, without a rod like that of KZ. The contacts are metallic, the marking is made in the form of rings with a designation. The left and right plugs are marked as "blue" and "red", that is, they are indicated with special inserts (rings).

The cable is not bad, but there is one joint in it. In the cold it dubeet, it becomes so tough that it is difficult to hide it in the inside pocket of a jacket.
It seems to me that this frozen cable can be fished using it as a homemade fishing rod.
Cases plastic, black and green coloringI personally was reminded of a jumper from childhood. The insert is translucent, part of the filling of the headset itself is visible. Faceplate looks very impressive, but the application of "NiceHCK" is not quite in the subject.

The claim is mainly to a cheap MMCX connector, it staggers slightly if you intentionally move it. On such cases, I usually try not to touch the cable at all.
I decided on the cable and forgot, it is better to be safe.

One compensating hole, marking the left and right channels. Through the body visible inside.

The sound man decided to cover the fabric-fine mesh.

It is made of metal, in general, the headphones in their form resemble the popular KZ ZSN. At the expense of a ledge on the sound guide - nozzles sit confidently.

Build quality is normal (with the exception of MMCX), the body is smooth, without sharp protrusions.

If you highlight the flashlight, you can see the stuffing (emitters are already visible, but with lighting even better).

Two reinforcement radiators are installed “closer” to the sound guide, and are not located in the sound guide itself (as is often the case).

Weight, diameter of the sound guide, etc.:
Additional Information

The shape of the earpiece repeats the shape of the KZ ZSN, similar.

But KZ AS10 or AS06 is a bit more.

In the ears, headphones sit well, but you need to pick up the nozzle. Noise isolation is average, I do not know what is connected with, but even in a quiet room, insulation is not so hot.

Features: Headphone Type: Hybrid
3 emitters (one dynamic and two reinforcement)
Cable: MMCX, braided, 1.2 m
Sensitivity: 106 dB
Frequency range: 20-40000 Hz
Resistance: 12Ω
Frequency response graph, headphone pitch: neutral, with high frequencies cut off and with low bass trimmed (in general, the edges of the range are clipped).


This time there will be no detailed description. Unfortunately, the headphones will not be able to withstand the competition, they are significantly inferior to KZ AS06 ($ 30) and CCA C10 (also $ 30).
Highs are noticeably simplified (especially in attacks anddamping, in general trouble), the lower HF is still more or less tapped, but then there is a noticeable and sharp decline. Yes, there is not enough volume and air, for the resolution and detailing of high - I am silent. Yes, they sound comfortable, nowhere does it hurt, this is probably the only plus.
The middle sounds more or less smooth, but it feelsa slight decline (judging by the schedule, somewhere at 1 kilohertz). It turns out funny, the average seems to be in place, but at the same time it sounds a bit detached, I would even say “gloomy”. Again, the granularity, the separation of tools, and so-so suffers. The scene is medium in width, the depth of the imaginary scene is absent, the sound is flat and dull.
Bass does not dominate, on the contrary, it lacksself-discipline and outlines. The lower woofers (meaning deep sub bass) are cut. And not just cropped, but generally removed, as if this range does not exist at all.
In general, the sound lacks expressiveness. Headphones are certainly not the worst, I will not say that they are really terrible, but I expected more. In the wake of the latest innovations from KZ and CCA - P3 will not stand the competition.
Thanks for attention.