PID-Rex-c100 controller with solid-state relay, thermocouple and radiator, set

Bought for the near future, I will do a polymerization oven for powder painting.
Ordered on Ali in November, delivery from the Russian Federation took exactly two weeks

Brought the courier directly to work. An ordinary cardboard box. Preliminary specifying where to bring, and the delivery address changed it well.

That's actually the whole set

The thermocouple is 1 meter long. Length hopefully enough, no order longer so long as it does not burn

Radiator height 50 mm

Solid-state relays


Corton box in her own device and two pieces of paper one in Chinese one in English

And the device itself

On one side of the label with the characteristics and connection

And from the face

Let's start to disassemble, remove the lock

We press one latch from the bottom

We take out the stuffing from the body

Now from different angles of the board. I am not strong in this, but there is a review previously made on the same device

I read the reviews on Ali and I think I also did not report the details)))) but I saw this review later than I ordered.

Thank you all for your time. Enjoy the shopping)