Backpack Free Knight 30 L

Good afternoon, dear readers. Today we will look at the small tourist backpack Free Knight.
A month ago, I surveyed a 45-liter backpack from the same company, it was with my father and tightly packed with every swag for a cop, until he fell apart))).
I took a smaller modelka myself - 30 l, I have a maximum weekend hike from tourism.

I took a review on, but I will provide a link to the official store on Ali, there is an adequate price.
Key Features:
Capacity: 30 l
Maximum load: 20 kg
Material: Nylon
Shoulder strap: 46-78 cm
Chest belt: 14-28 cm
Waist Girth: 59-118 cm
Weight: 0.68 kg.
There are only three colors:

I have blue.
When unpacking, unlike the 45 l model, there was no smell. Backpack went right in business.

Empty pack weight:

Ease the Chinese are presented as a virtue, but we know that this is at the expense of reliability.
Dimensions: 51 * 38 * 8 cm.
Appearance of the backpack:

The view of the backpack is clearly not urban - textured nylon and the abundance of utyazhki and suspensions gives it a tourist orientation, or, as the mysku category correctly indicates - for recreation outside the city.
Corporate logo with a knight embroidered in a prominent place.
From the sides, a pair of traditional bottle pockets:

"Poltorashka", if anything, breaks.
Of the four compartments under the zipper, two have a visor:

The volume of the backpack (utyazhka belts) is on the side and bottom.

The backpack has a developed and quite comfortable belt support. The back without a rigid frame.
The straps are wide, the shoulders do not crash:


In addition to the traditional hanging loop, the backpack has a traveling, hard handle. There are no holes for the hydrator tube outlet.

Reinforced fabric at the bottom.

Chest fastener with a traditional whistle on fasttek.
On the "dogs" of lightning there are comfortable lace loops with a plastic bracket:

Capacity 30 liters in Chinese:

The main compartment is the most spacious:

There is also a tin pocket for a laptop / hydrator 30 cm deep.
External branch:

Lightning here without a visor. Depth 30 cm. Again the manufacturer presses to make an organizer for small things.
Outside there is a small quick access compartment with a vertical zipper with a depth of 20 cm for documents / wallet.
Lower compartment:

Its volume goes pocket inside the main compartment.
Separately, I want to focus on lightning. They are nasty, you can't find another word. This is the main problem of such cheap backpacks. Thin, with small teeth and still sewn into the backpack with small radii. With the zipper of the main compartment, the dog still tries to eat the visor. I remember my backpacks 15-10 years ago, there were no such narrow lightning, this kind of modern tendency to save where not necessary.
The fabric of the product is slow, but it gets wet - so, the backpack is conditionally waterproof (if for a hike, it is better to stock up on a water-repellent cover, since they cost a penny or soak).
Microscopic examination of tissue


He sat down a backpack well, does not deliver discomfort when worn.

Quality tailoring.
Conveniently hanging on the back.
Lightning annoying.
Small volume for a weekend hike.
Reliability in the long run is questionable.
I took a backpack in a couple of mushroom trips:

Few mushrooms, even such a small backpack did not work ...
Thank you for watching. Enjoy the shopping!