Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Proscenic P9 Removes Everything! Easy!

Hello. Today I share my impressions of acquaintance with the Chinese Proscenic P9 handheld vacuum cleaner. I have had a similar brand for a very long time and, on the whole, I am very pleased: it is always at hand instead of a broom. Girlfriend, as soon as he saw that - since envies. Why not buy? The husband basically refused, because 5 minutes before our appearance, he gave her a cool, huge washing pandora. She herself begged, but now she doesn’t use it (it’s very bulky, heavy, inconvenient, slow, according to her), on top of that, the child broke the brush in it, and replacing it is very expensive. In general, he stands under the stairs. So, my husband and I decided to make a present to Beloved Buschek (thanks to the generous seller from China).

And, do not believe it, now I ... envy her))) Everything that I lacked in my Puppy is organized in this!
Model: Proscenic P9
Type: Wireless
Electrical Voltage: 100-240 V
Power: 300W
Suction power: 15000pa
Container size: 0.55L
Battery: 2600mAh
Charging unit installation: Wall mounted
Modes: 2 modes of operation
Run time on low power: 35-40 min
Operating time at maximum power: 18-23 min
Size: 119 * 112 * 210mm
Weight: 2.5kg
Packing and packaging
The vacuum cleaner is packed soundly, in 2 hugecarton boxes. One, the one on top, stronger, the second, unfortunately, also does not have a gift. Rustic cardboard with a picture of the device and some inscriptions. However, everything is packaged correctly, every detail is in its own box. During transport, the product, like the packaging, is not damaged.

- a vacuum cleaner
- bar
- brush floor / carpet
- 2 replaceable rollers
- miniature universal brush
- crevice nozzle
- nozzle for hard-to-reach places with bristles
- nozzle to remove dust from hard surfaces of furniture
- wall charging unit
- charging cable with adapter
- additional set of filters
- user manual in several languages, no Russian

An interesting look. Solid thing quality build. The color scheme is cheerful. Immediately, I note that the vacuum cleaner is quite light. Its weight without nozzles and rods is just 1.44 kg.

The mechanism-handle. It is made of slippery soft-touch plastic, an on / off button, it is also the mode-switching button located on the trigger, this is very convenient, and this is one of the advantages of this model that the manufacturer openly brags in the advertising brochure. The handle itself is comfortable. It is also convenient that during the setting - the vacuum cleaner does not collapse, it is provided with a sturdy module base. By the way, it contains connectors for charging and a sticker describing the main characteristics. The shutter button is clicked with a click, the move is hard. Above is the ventilation cylinder for cooling the motor.

Here in this place the manufacturer has placed the battery charge indicator. Only 3 levels.

Slightly forward - the container lock button forgarbage in the block. The flask is easily removed. Front - mounting holes for planting flasks. The flask into the nest easily clicks into place and is also easily removed by firmly pressing the “lock” button on the handle.
The flask is made of transparent plastic. On the flask there is a logo of the company and pasted instructions for removing the flask and disassembling the filters.
The lid is locked. The direction of opening / closing is indicated in the place of fixing the lock. Under the lid - a filter with a standard set inside. All Circuits match each other in size. The flask is small, but for daily cleaning a volume of 0.55l is sufficient. Trash compresses tightly. Bottom flask door to remove debris. The cleaning procedure can be performed without interrupting the cleaning process, i.e. You can not stop the vacuum cleaner, do not disassemble, but simply pour out the garbage by opening the flask from the bottom. The flask is transparent, it is convenient to control its fullness. Flask, like filters, can be washed with water.

An interesting point, of course, is thatAll parts of the device have a contact group to activate the mechanisms built into them. Those. battery charge is distributed not only on the motor, but also on the backlight on the brushes, on the motors for the turbo brushes.
Now about the nozzles. Telescopic metal rod is inserted firmly with a click and when connected to the handle, and with the nozzle itself. Between the rod and the bulb - a plastic valve on two bolts, opening into the inside of the flask. The bar has a length of 65cm.

Brush floor / carpet. The main standard for cleaning the floor, such as parquet, laminate, linoleum, with soft wool bristles and for carpets - a roller with a hard rare bristles. Synthetic bristles. The brush itself is made of white glossy plastic. In the bar it is attached with a click. The brush and the transition to the bar is made in the form of an accordion of flexible transparent plastic. Due to this, during operation, the best effect is achieved - the head of the vacuum cleaner, if you can call it that, is very mobile, and with its help, however, it is easy to vacuum in hard-to-reach places. The brush with respect to the rod has a stroke of 90 ° right-left, up, down - there is no stroke. Due to the retainer, the bar can be installed in a vertical position, and the vacuum cleaner can be mounted on the brush, i.e. the vacuum cleaner is not necessary to put on the floor, it is perfectly independently installed in an upright position. Of course, it is unreliable to leave him in that position in the middle of the room when two (three with the dog) Gavriks move freely, but, if urgently needed, you can use this stability and not put it on the floor.

The brush has a classic shape. In it the roller is fixed with a special lock. The brush moves on the floor on 4 wheels: 2 small ones, approximately 0.8 cm in diameter, and 2 bigger wheels, 4.7 cm in diameter. Wheels covered with rubber. On the nose there are 4 LED bulbs for lighting the floor, which are started immediately with the device turned on. Unfortunately, even in daylight, because of the uselessness of them, you will not turn them off - it is not provided by the design. I consider this a flaw, and for the sake of saving power, I would disconnect them. These 4 lights illuminate the surface quite well, about a meter ahead.

Included is such a miniature turbothe brush, I think, is universal, for cleaning any surfaces, it is convenient to use it without a rod. It can also be installed to a vacuum cleaner without an adapter-rod. It has a removable roller, which is fixed by a lock in the brush, with a hard rare synthetic bristles. The roller is driven by a motor mounted in the head of this part. As noted earlier, as in a large carpet brush, the suction power increases due to the independently operated turbo brush.
Crevice nozzle The brush is used for cleaning in hard-to-reach places, by dragging a plastic tip, you can change it to a nozzle with bristles.
Nozzle to remove dust from hard surfaces. It has an oblong shape and can be used with or without bristles. Dimensions - 11.5 cm * 4.5 cm
All nozzles can be installed on the vacuum cleaner through the bar or directly to the vacuum cleaner.
Assembly and materials of this device to meliked Qualitatively. There are no gaps between the parts, they all fit snugly together, snap off and press easily. Plastic does not smell. Good kit

In work
The engine is not loud at the minimumpower, accelerates with a pause. The light bulbs on the brush (if installed) light up. There is no way to turn off the backlight. There are 2 modes of absorption. When starting it starts with less powerful. Then you can switch by simply pressing the trigger again. The third press will turn off the device. I will write right away that I cannot imagine measuring power, it feels like it is sucking on how much it sucks: and at maximum power, plus with autonomous operation of motors on some nozzles, it starts up well, some things suck strongly. The vacuum cleaner has a slight odor during operation.
This vacuum cleaner with a trash can, which is easy to clean in 2 ways:
1. Through the bottom hole in the container, without removing it from the block, “on the go” we take out the garbage.
2. By disassembling the vacuum cleaner and the possibility of wet cleaning of all filter parts.
Some brushes are equipped additionally.motors that drive the rollers. The motor feeds on the contact group, passing through all the connecting parts of the vacuum cleaner. And then when it starts (this happens with the launch of the main motor), the suction power increases. Each such brush has a sticker, indicating the required power and voltage.
Photo and video examples should tell about the operation of the vacuum cleaner. But if this is not enough, I will answer all your questions about the work of a particular brush.
With dust and debris on the tile, parquet, upholstered furniture, in hard-to-reach places with a properly selected brush, the vacuum cleaner works perfectly.
The only carpet in the apartment from the children's roomturned out to be at the moment in the chemical cleaning, so the test was carried out on a tiny rug, which the child uses in kindergarten. Because the vacuum cleaner will be donated, did not torment him much - conducted tests with cereals, flour and paper. Dust and invisible wool along the way absorbed all the more excellent.
About autonomy. The vacuum cleaner is quite tenacious, at maximum power when fully charged, it was discharged in 40 minutes. This, in my opinion, is a very good indicator, and the work time can be easily stretched for 1 hour: starting mode No. 1 (less powerful) during the cleaning process, and using, for example, brushes without built-in motors and lights. So the battery charge is more economical. The test was divided into 2 to 20 minutes, afraid of engine overheating. But to my great surprise, the vacuum cleaner was heated, but very weak.
Particular attention should be paid to the docking station. The fact that it is attached to the wall is an undoubted advantage. The device has an interesting design, and it is not a shame to fasten it even on the wall in the living room. And since it will be presented to a huge private house with a dressing room of 50 sq. M, then he will definitely find a place there. In addition, the vacuum cleaner is stable, it can be put on the floor (with the standard flat brush installed), it does not collapse, and against the wall it is even more reliable.
Vacuum cleaner fully charged in 3 hours.
Regarding weight. A vacuum cleaner without attachments weighs only 1.44 kg. A complete set with a rod and the main brush for cleaning all types of flooring - 2.23 kg.
Hope you noticed this wireless vacuum cleaner! And I really miss this in my own handbag, Puppy. About this one can definitely say: I carry all my burden with me!
Vacuum cleaner cleans very well with correctlya matched brush, for example, traces of flour from the carpet cannot be removed with a brush with sparse stiff bristles, but a fur roller is very easy to do. Because there was no carpet in the house; experiments were carried out on a piece of carpet that moved during the shooting, but despite this, the vacuum cleaner cleans up nicely. The paper was collected on the last gasp, on one blinking battery charge indicator. And, if you listen, the sound of the engine running is not weak.

I really liked the vacuum cleaner, and not only me(judging by the reviews on Ali). Vacuum cleaner is ordered as a gift to your best friend. I think she will appreciate the gift, to tidy up her huge two-story house. After all, with a wireless vacuum cleaner to move around the house with a ladder is much more convenient and easier. The new vacuum cleaner is really designed to create the conditions for easy and comfortable cleaning, and he has plenty of merits:
- compact, lightweight, maneuverable
- high-quality assembly, nice design, does not smell
- wireless
- it is convenient in storage, tiny and it is loaded in vertical position
- easy to manage: on / off, mode selection made by one button, conveniently located on the handle of the device
- not noisy
- has 2 operating modes
- suction power is good, easily copes even with very small debris, in the form of flour, sand, leaving no trace of them
- well compresses the dust inside the flask
- 2 ways to clean the flask: without removing from the vacuum cleaner, and a full analysis of the filter with the possibility of wet cleaning
- the suction power is increased due to independently working turbo brushes (if not correct, check with a palm)
- backlit
- excellent package
- fast charging
- good autonomy
- on the case there is a battery charge indicator
- does not heat up much
- perfectly collects dust and any other garbage