Kitchen faucet with filter connection, Bagnolux 2389

Another review on the kitchen faucet "3 in 1" withthe ability to connect the filter. Although one “type Swiss manufacturer” calls it a single lever kitchen mixer with the function of connecting a water filter system
This mixer is bought if you decide to buy a filtration system, but do not want to install a separate tap for filtered water (most often, design damage)



And how it works
But, there are normal mixers, and there are cheap ones, where a rubber tube or water supply through a rubber hose is used as a system for supplying filtered water.

So far, this manufacturer has sent only a quality product, let's see how this time.
thinking out loud

I have mixers at home (although some orsold, or donated) this store, it is worth their dispenser, although I was told “why take it for 800 if it will rot like that for 300r” but for some reason it does not rot for the second year, only soap I am changing. And even the Multimode Lake has not yet broken down and is not “plugged”. But this is only my experience with my pipes, pressure, water. Therefore, all IMHO.
I like the store because “probably !!!” many products can be found offline, as well as the mixer from this review, but with a price of about 2 times cheaper (but this is not accurate).

There is of course a difference, it is at least not colored.packaging, well, "according to the information I have, in those that for 10k - there is a more expensive cartridge." Although, for some reason, it is not visible to rem kits from the “Czech” ZORG that they would put super cartridges, and the crane of the axle box will be easier than the one you’ll see. And this kit is only 1100r.

As I was told, there are some companies that make the design with all the schemes / drawings, so to speak, "turnkey". It remains to buy the right / patent for manufacturing and you can rivet yourself.
When I told the seller - enter the Russian market as an official brand, he said that we should have the right to sell this design in the territory of the Russian Federation.
Since “well, very similar” mixers are already sold in the Russian Federation, it cannot enter our market (or rather, but + taxes + all rights / licenses and prices will not be so sweet), according to his words.
Although they began to make an engraving on a part of their products, I received 4 different mixers and all had laser engraving: SMESITELI.
I do not know how much he has goods and whatassortment in warehouses in the Russian Federation, but this one came to me quickly, even very much, all yes 5 days. I do not remember whether I agreed to the delivery or not, but after work I took it myself. Fortunately, the delivery is now in the center (for local people - the Globus store near the “children's world”).

Package is packed as usual with this seller.- cardboard rectangle in a pair of layers of pimples and rewound everything with scotch tape. What would it all be whole, inside a lot of polyethylene foam (in the photo without the top layer, it can be seen from the side)

This time, no instructions. But I don’t have it when I asked for a photo - they sent them to me
All sizes and explosion schemes will be useful.

Inside, as I said, just a mixer, 2 hoses with nuts 1/2 "by 60cm and a box with accessories.

Aerators, Mounts, Fittings

Here is another photo

About hoses

Well, now you can go to the inspection and disassembly.
I'll start with the edges and surface treatment. I like it. Angles seem to be sharp, but to hurt your hands is difficult. A certain “patina” also pins.

Photos are clickable and you can zoom in and out yourself.

At the bottom of the case, there is a decorative part. On the previous mixers, I unscrew it, this time I did not succeed the first time and then I did not try.

Also, I noted in advance with red arrows, the ability to put a “non-native” attachment to the sink, apparently this is part of the “unification of production” when the casing is made for different models.
In the same place the sealing ring is inserted (withside of the sink), but since I test on a flimsy sink (for it, granite would be ideal), there could be a gap between the mixer and the sink. Then it will be necessary to cut the protrusion from the ring, so that it does not protrude wider than the groove in which it is inserted.

Understands very simple, especially surprised how everything is thought out, but more on that below.
I started with a spout, although I was no longer interested, since such a design was in the last review. But the body had familiar outlines and it seemed to me that it was one for several models.
And if earlier I unscrewed 6 side-faces, then there is nothing like this, everything is “licked”.
For this reason, there used to be a calculation like this - on the right side, ordinary water, on the left side - drinking water. If you put the opposite - flaunted screw that held the spout (for aesthetes).
Then this time - there are no screws, you can put it under any hand.
And to remove the spout - it is necessary to unscrew the nut. Not everyone notices her.
Turn off easily, as long as the hands do not slip.

In general, the design, as in the past mixer.
We take out the spout and we can observe abundantlygreased gum. It costs them 2pcs, how much better it is than 1 or 3 - I will not argue, but let them be. There is also a white ring - a stopper, without it the spout is pulled out even without spinning the nut.

If you remove the snap ring and squeeze the nut holding the mixer, you can observe the following picture:

Inside there is a rubber sealing ring. It seals the connection and the dirt does not get into the connection, well, I believe, it additionally holds the spout and does not allow it to scratch on the mounting nut. But over time, the lubricant can wash out (chew on chemistry) and the spout will start to spin more tightly (and the nut will unwind), but this is not accurate ©
Inside the spout, 3 channels, 2 for tap water (on the sides) and one for drinking water (in the center). The weight of the spout is around 600-700 grams (I do not remember exactly). By the way, you can see that even here the chamfer was removed.

If you look at the body, you can see thatthe part that holds the spout is screwed separately. That is why I suppose that the case is “universal” and depending on the shape of the spout and its attachment or something else, a different insert is put.

Whatever the gum does not spoil during insertion -chamfering everywhere. Naturally, I tried to unscrew this insert (I want to say in advance that the insert is not in contact with water and its tightness is not important). But I did not work out, planted on anaerobic glue.
And here you can see the channels for water. Central / 2 small - filtered water. On the side of a large -pipe.

Then I began to disassemble the body, started from the side of the handle responsible for the flow of filter water.
From the back side he removed a plastic cap, under it a hexagon.

Under the cover here:

The faucet itself is screwed into the extension adapter. Everywhere everything is beautiful, smooth and there are rubber seals.

Crane bush is not collapsible (no, you can trywith a hammer, but it did not work out for me). It looks like a sedal 19MC01, but the seller honestly admits it is a different brand. The handle / stem stroke is just 90º for a more comfortable opening. Although the color of the metal is like a stainless steel (and there is such a series), in this case it is chrome-plated brass.

Then I took off the tap of the tap water. In the same way, we pull off the plastic cap and twist it with the hexagon.

Here are the sizes of the pen against the background of the usual „credit card“. The handle is completely made of brass.

Under the handle:

The funny thing is that even a decorative brass cap.

Then the nut that holds the cartridge - also made of brass

The cartridge itself is the same as before was in the reviews of this manufacturer. I have no claims against him.

The seller promised that in the future he will betsedal cartridges (Italy type) and even was interested in "what I think about installing KEROX cartridges" (Hungary type). He even offered to additionally send a new cartridge, but I refused. As I understand it, it will stand (photo sent by the seller)

As for the landing under the cartridge, then everything is fine with it.

And now again - we collect everything and it remains only to look at the spout, the part where the aerators are screwed.
Small hole - under the drinking, large - underplumbing. Also, the final part - cast and soldered to the main part of the spout. The strip (arrow pointed) is most likely a solder joint. There are also decorative bevels on the reverse side.

In short - some advantages.
If you draw the cons "behind the ears", then probably - a simple aerator that makes noise. You can already hear how it sucks in air)) For drinking water, I liked the aerator.
The conclusions that I made for myself
+ I really liked the mixer for its quality.
+ Everything is “standard” and there will be no problems if some kind of gum is erased.
+ Fastening quality / thick / large.
+ No need for a separate tap under the filter
+ Quality hoses
+ Very, very convenient installation and does not require special knowledge (and tools, too, everywhere sealing gum) and without mats.
+ I liked the aerator on the drinking one, the water does not splash (if you turn on 2 water to the full extent at once - it will be trash in the sink)
± Weight, because of which the second controversial point.
± Heavy and poorly fixed / flimsy sink can stagger (Ideally on a grenade or not the thinnest stainless steel)
± High, no problem with washing a big mountaindishes or pots / pans (previously, we had to wash them in parts), but not any sink will “like” and will have to get used to if they were only low before, because of this it splashes differently.
± Perhaps over the years, the coating will be damaged by pots / pans. There are no problems in the washbasin with a coating, even chlorine soaps are alive.
± May have to trim the O-ring.
-Simple aerators - it is necessary to open the water "not to the full extent" so as not to splash, well, or I just have a very good water pressure.