TDA7560 audio amplifier

Amplifier TDA7560, ordered for radio. Put. Impressions.
Why exactly TDA7560 and not TDA7850 for example? Budget wanted because. The upgrade price is just a dollar.
Technical specifications:
Number of channels - 4
Channel output power, W - 45
Type of supply voltage - unipolar

Power supply, V - 18
Load resistance, Ohm - 4
Load voltage, V - 14.4
Ordered for installation in the surveyed radio, which is working properly to this day. But I managed to get disappointed in the sound. Amplifier in the radio is the most common and terrible TDA7388.

I ordered just in case two pieces. In the reviews, someone came across non-working.
Verification of authenticity - the original between 3 and 5 feet should have ~ 3KΩ. I measured my own, both have 2.61. It seems valid? It looks like the original, in general.

My specimens have straight legs, not very clear.used or not, but many who write in the reviews that the seller sends an obvious vypayannoe b / y with crooked legs and traces of solder. But, to be honest, for the price I am comfortable with and used, and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Photos from reviews:

The capacitor is installed in the radio at 2200 uF, II installed it on 6800. According to the idea, they wrote on the Internet on 10,000, but on 6800 it was already available. It is possible in principle and not to install - but many advise, especially nothing complicated.

My acoustics budget (front - PioneerTS-1339 R, rear - Pioneer TS-a6911). Wow effect when you first turn on the music of course not felt. Still, the difference is noticeable when listening to various genres of music. In particular, it became more pleasant to listen to rock, you can feel the volume in the sound, the sound was not so flat. Added low frequencies. I do not think that the TDA7850 would reveal my acoustics better than this one, so I don’t regret buying this particular model. The board is original, it pleases, I saw the post on the drive - people bought a fake 7560 in chipdip, so I can advise the seller.