Top Quality Genuine Leather Case for HTC EVO 3D X515m G17 Original iCarer Cover Retail Package 3 Colors Leather Luxury Handbags

A leather frocky with a foreign shoulder on my ZOPO`chka.
Largely due to this site appeared in myLife partner and assistant - smartphone ZOPO ZP100. In order to preserve his appearance and health attended to the acquisition of some decent clothes. The model is quite popular, but the choice of wardrobe for her in the search was not pleasing to the eye, basically all kind of plastic-silicone. I wanted something more impressive. And I remembered that the ZP100 is outwardly almost complete copy-twin of the more generous device HTC EVO 3D, and even for him the outfit choice turned out to be much more diverse. Liked this option. I took a chance (and suddenly wouldn’t work?), Ordered, received, use month - details below.

The seller sent the next day after payment. The option of sending through HK Post I chose was once again successful, for the first time I saw the import in Moscow happen the next day after export from China. Three weeks later I received a standard yellow package (may I not surprise you with its pictures?).
Inside there was a plastic box and a stylus - a gift from the seller.

View from the back

Thick hints of firmness and brandness of the contents are striking from different angles of the packaging:
hologram sticker

Website address

and other slogans-ryushechki

Inside the box in a transparent plastic trough rests the hero himself

First impressions do not disappoint, pizhnachok looks pretty decent

All grown-up: label

not just tied with thread, but attached with a special fishing line with a cunning lock. Firm!

Here there is a piece of material from whichPinzhak “sewed”, whether on the patch, or for those who doubt the quality (authenticity) of the skin. Burn, ignite, soak, water, chew, bite, wrinkle, scratch, smell, and others. without damage to the product itself.
We plow the frostbite and find inside the dummy - imitator of the body of the future owner of polyethylene foam

In reviews of clothes it is customary to describe the qualitysewing, evenness of seams, look for sticking threads. Alas, there is nothing to evaluate. As the Russian hut, built without a single nail, so this lapserdak "sewed" without threads. I do not know the secret of technology. A rigid frame-trough and the same rigid lid-flip (plastic ?, metal? And maybe the skin is processed in some way that takes such rigid fixed forms? Time will show whether this is good or bad, but it looks very good, monolithic and so far does not cause any complaints. Embossed inscriptions continue to hint at a supposedly noble origin and really give some solidity.

Reverse side flip

What is the review of clothes without a photo on the body?
Penzhak was fit, sat like a glove. Almost all cuts, cut-outs (sleeves?) Were there where it should be
MicroUSB Socket


Some discrepancies are due to the differences in the design that are present in the ZOPO-HTC counterparts.
Mirror of the power button and headphone jack

The protruding part of the camera and flash at ZOPO smaller due to the lack of a second camera. Is this where a patch might come in handy?

Of course, these little things spoil the idyll a little, but they do not prevent us from fully exploiting the smartphone in the update.
There is still no hole for the external speaker,I was afraid that it would jam the sound, and the soft cover would dampen the vibration. But surprisingly, the design turned out to be quite tough and serves as a kind of additional echo sounder for the sound, as a case for the speaker, and it practically does not reduce the vibrating alert.
Trick of not only adds protection from externalinfluences, but also hides the “tattoo” on the body, which often causes smiles and other emotions from our compatriots. The truth at the same time adds a few millimeters to the figure of the owner

Oh yeah, it’s a small jointinstance. On the lid at a certain angle to the lighting, you can see a skin texture defect, as if there is a jam. Apparently the donor cow was some kind of sharpey breed and one of the folds of its genuine leather now looks like this on the surface.

It is said that manufacturers deliberately leavesimilar "defects" are subtly hinting in a similar way to the naturalness of the skin. Maybe so, but not the same visible place (although almost imperceptibly). Just in case, wrote to the seller, sent a photo. His reaction was surprised; an answer came with apologies and with another track number - I’m now waiting for the second one to wear a tailcoat, there will be a spare one. You can consider this as PR and advertising, but I could not mention such an unusual decision of the seller.
By the way, now on the page of this case there is a coupon ($ 4 for a purchase from $ 40) for goods from his store. And similar covers are still red and brown

P.S. How do you spell the word JACKET I know. Well stunned a bit. Sorry, if someone had a hard time in the eye, I hope it was not very painful?
Thanks for attention.
UPD: I received a second copy (by the way, again with the gift stylus, the Chinese could have saved), I smile the second day. The hypothesis about sharpey breed of a cow is supported by one more fact

Moreover, there are so many folds on a cow that it is impossible to carve out a piece of skin without them.

In thought now: whether again to send photos with food?