Tronsmart Element Groove portable Bluetooth speaker.

Shalom, ladies and gentlemen, today there will essentially be a repeat review on this column, but nothing can be done about the post of Russia that does not work quickly everywhere.
This device arrived in a cardboard box,the box is rather dense, so we didn’t have much time to damage it. On the face of the image of the column, the name and information that its power is 10W and protection class IPX7 (not afraid of water). Above the buttonhole, for hanging in the window apparently.

On the reverse side of the designation of the functions of the buttons and methods of connecting speakers with audio devices, there are also certificates, a bar code and any information in English.

The column is completed with a cord for connecting with the audio device, a cord for charging the speaker, instructions in English and a cord for hanging the speaker (I’ve already lost somewhere).

Column options

In front, the column looks like a cube with cut corners; the speaker is protected by a grid on which the company name was struck. The grid is held by 4 screws.

On the reverse side of the passive positionedThe emitter, it does not have any protection at all. A dense rubber plug protecting the device’s contacts from dirt and moisture is located above, 4 screws holding the cover in the corners.

Under the plug are Type-C, Micro-SD connector, as well as Line IN

On the upper right-hand corner, the eyelet is screwed on to fasten it to the same string.

On the lower side of the device, the paint contains information on power consumption, the name of the device and certificates.

On the upper side of the device are located controls.
Power button, pause and adjustment buttonsvolume, they also serve to hold the track to hold. To change the device supplied to the speaker sound, press the power button or hold the play button.

When turned on, the device makes a sound and the indicator lights up

Since the phone perceives the column as a headset, the incoming calls will be displayed on it, to start the conversation you just need to press the play button, to reset you have to press twice.
Also, the device has true wireless modestereo, but I don’t have a second column like this, so it’s not possible to test this function, you can read about it in a review from a syslik colleague.
It's time to do an autopsy.
The same protective mesh

Rear wall without frame and rubber contact protection

I take off the rubber casing, the rubber is quite thick and pleasant to the touch

Control buttons without protection

At the junction sticks seal

The speaker inside is additionally held by 4 screws

Inside view

The column is powered by a 18650 battery

Control panel, buttons are signed

The column left a pleasant impression asdevice on 10W. If we consider it exactly as portable, then it will be enough for itself to enrage passers-by and cause resentment among pensioners on the bench; will play a good role in this kind of rest, the control is quite simple, the buttons are large and this is a plus, for home listening to music, it will still be rather weak, the bass is rather doubtful and the sound is not the best, but it is still not a home audio system.
That's all, thanks for taking the time to read.