U2. Bluetooth - AUX adapter in auto

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It is rather not even a full review, but a desire to share impressions of a good purchase. Goods purchased without discounts and promotions on their blood.
For those who do not go under the cut - the device works and works perfectly. Recommend.

From the moment of buying the car from a friend who started the tractor, I use the radio tape recorder inherited.
A regular JVC tape recorder can USB, aux, radio anddiscs. In general, he would suit me all, if not for the completely stupid logic of working with flash drives. He sees half of the folders, half does not. In one track in order, in the other mixed, apart, through one. Tags do not always show.
Plus, constantly updating the media library on a flash drive is lazy, the carrier is forgotten in the car, download content, again, laziness, well, in the age of unlimited mobile Internet, it’s ridiculous.
My choice fell on the music service Spotify,whose client is installed on the phone. There's also a couple of favorite Internet radio stations like Ultra, which they drove out of the FM band. For the time being, I used AUX, which caused certain inconveniences - two cables to the phone (Charging and audio), permanently disconnect, the lanyard dangles, aaaaaaa hangs there!
Aaaaaaaaaa !!!!

Everything changed for the worse when I purchasednew phone. He turned it in his hands and realized that there was no place to connect the cable. Output 3.5 is absent from the word at all. Of course, there is an adapter in the kit, but here you have to choose - either to listen to music (and Navi and Spotify eat not only traffic, but also a battery, and with the appetite of an official elected to the Duma) or have a charged pipe. Well, connect the adapter through the adapter and the adapter is extremely inconvenient, annoying, interferes and infuriates.
Saw from a friend the subject of today's boast. Please love and favor, U2

Sorry, wrong picture.

The set itself lace, manual and box. And that's all. Yellow envelope more, yes coupon e-mail from the mail.

Made very carefully. Anodized aluminum housing as two ends. The wire is soft, bends easily.
It happens in black and red, I took red, because well, they still know that red is faster, more powerful, sportier and generally better.
U2 as link is a device that representsa 45cm cable On the one hand, it has a regular USB connector, on the other hand, a 3.5mm audio jack, as on any headset. In general, at first glance it may seem that this is just a cord for charging an unnamed Chinese product, but everything is not so simple.

In the USB connector built-in Bluetooth receiver, a microphone, and some kind of tripe that does the magic.
The idea is to connect the carlink audio jack to the AUX input in the car, and the other end to any USB, be it a standard connector, in the radio tape recorder, or in the cigarette lighter via the AMP.
My radio player can supply power to its USB connector whenever it is on, so I didn’t do anything about it.

Now, about the impressions. Guys, how lucky we are with the mayor of Moscow!
I like this thing! Connected to the radio. In the settings of the phone turned on BT. Found a U2 device. Pairing took 2-3 seconds. Everything.
By default, the carlink plays both music andTransmits audio calls to car speakers, using its built-in microphone. Frankly, I haven't tested it (microphone). Never. Just because I do not like talking on the phone while driving, and I don’t like it at all. So you can turn off "audio calls" as I did and leave only music playback.
Very pleased that the pairing is performedonce. In the future, you just need to turn on the tape recorder - after a second, another dwarf turns on and gives a “beep” to the speakers, the phone is supposedly found. No dances with repeated connection, everything works clearly and immediately.
As for the sound: The only thing I can find fault with is the level of the incoming signal is too small. You just need to add more volume to the radio. There is no noise, crackling, noise and other things.
I was particularly pleased that, in addition to music, the notifications of the navigator and the shooter's program were finally heard from the phone — an overdrive, a camera, an accident ahead, roadworks, and so on.
About the distance: a friend who advised this thing starts to stutter when you walk a meter or two from the car with the phone. I retreated 4-5 steps and the music did not stutter. the manufacturer promises direct visibility up to 10m, However, it is necessary to take into account the location (in the armrest, in the glove compartment, in the beard) and other conditions, such as the phase of the moon, the model and brand of car, terrain and other things.
I will try to scold a new stray.
- No buttons to switch tracks, but I would like to.
- wire length 45cm. I'm great here, but someone needs to pull on.
Of the benefits:
- All the rest. I am really satisfied, for this price the “set up and forget” solution
- HandsFree function
- The sound is not worse than discs and radio
- No messing with mate
On this I, perhaps, round off.
There is an instruction for interested

And then cat May makes a review on another package, especially for him.

UPD: I do not in any way urge you to acquire this particular device or any other. I bought, tried and shared my experience with you. Someone will charge for $ 5? someone for 7, someone for that. I see no reason for swearing in the comments.