universal sunshade sunshine shield for 4.3 inch and 5 inch car GPS navigation

Visor for the navigator
Today I want to talk about one very useful thing - a visor for the navigator. Last year, when I went to dalnyak to the Crimea and Nizhny Novgorod, I noticed two features:
1) During the day, the navigator flashes and it is not always possible to view the map.
2) At night, the navigator is reflected in the glass and the DVR records this reflection.

After these trips decided to do something likevisor on the navigator. At first I thought about making these things from cardboard, then I decided to make plastic and glue the plates with dichloroethane. Before the implementation of the case did not come, all the drawings twisted in my head. Accidentally, a month ago, I looked through the forum and stumbled upon an interesting topic. Interesting gadgets, unusual thingsIn which I saw a visor for the navigator with a diagonal of 4.3-5 inches. Without hesitation I immediately ordered, since the price is not high, but the thing is very necessary for me.
The package flew about a month.
Packaging standard for AliExpress is a pimple wrapped with yellow duct tape.

Inside the package was a box crumpled in the corners.

Inside the box lay the long-awaited device

We take out the visor from the box

First impression: done on the fourth (if he did, then it would be on the top three at best). Plastic raises no objections, but foamed rubber (or something like that) is glued crookedly. Of course, I quickly peeled off the gasket and stuck it smoothly, and it itself does not affect the appearance.
Now field tests on my navigator (5 inches).
The ratio of the size of the visor and the navigator:

Put on the visor on the navigator:

As you can see from the photo, the navigator climbed in heightNormal, and at the edges of the visor slightly covers the screen. Himself visor is made in the form of clothespins, which is in one frame in contact with the front side, and the other side clings to the back of the navigator.
Horizontal measurements of the visor - 11.1 cm.

Vertical measurements of the visor - 6.5 cm.

Horizontal measurements of the navigator - 11.3 cm.

Vertical navigator measurements - 6.5 cm.

As can be seen from the measurements, the vertical peakfits one to one, but horizontally from each edge the visor covers a millimeter. Not good of course, but tolerable for me. For a navigator with a diagonal of 4.3 inches, I think it will be just right.
Everything is good, but you need to test inthe car. I attach the navigator to the standard mount on the suction cup. Then I put on a visor and ... here an ambush awaits me. The visor is not worn completely on the navigator, the back mount is hampered.

From the photo it is clear that the visor did not sit down completely, and it covers a couple of millimeters from below with its frame.
After a little research, it was decided to cut off the excess. The photo marked approximate lines of amputation.

After these improvements, the visor is put on the navigator, as without a regular attachment.

View from the driver (at the head of the driver)

View from the passenger (at the level of the passenger's head)

Everything would be fine, but the most important thing would not have written, does the visor help ???
A test drive in a car with a navigator and a visor on a sunny day showed that some of the glare still removes the visor. The side sun and the upper sun, the visor weed out.
The reflection of the navigator in the glass was less, but did not completely disappear. Blame the tilt of the glass. In any case, it became better
Conclusion: I recommend this device to purchase.
P.S. Before buying, be sure to measure your navigator and compare with the size of the visor from the review!