USB KKL VAG-COM For 409.1 Scanner tools / ECU Diagnostic Cable (VAZ).

Mysku has diagnostic reviews,working under the OBD2 protocol, but as far as I understand, they do not work with the ECU (Electronic Control Units) of VAZ cars. As a result of searching the Internet I found this option.
This adapter supports ISO-9141, ISO 14230 (KWP2000) protocols and can diagnose:

- VAZ and GAZ vehicles using Sens Diag, Motor Tester, My Tester VAZ, My Tester GAZ, Diagnostic tools, Auto VAZ, kwp_d, icd diagnostics and others.
- Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda production until 2003.
- Daewoo using programs Sens Diag, Daewoo AKM (T-Monitor), Daewoo Scan.
- Chevrolet Lacetti, Aveo with the program ChevroletExplorer.
Delivery took a lot of time. Payment was made on October 11, the seller sent the order even more than a week, received only on December 5. Maybe in general, from October to February, nothing better to order? For all the packages of October-November are frozen in obscurity.
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The cable came in the usual gray package, inside is stillone plastic bag with a lock. Includes a mini-CD with drivers and the VAG-COM program, which turned out to be completely unreadable. The seller at my request sent me this software by mail. However, it was not needed, because in the meantime I had already found everything on the Internet. A Windows 7 itself installed the driver on the cable.
Some photos.

The cable length without connectors is 137 cm. The quality of performance is good.
I am (far) not a specialist in diagnostics and repaircars. I purchased the cable as it seemed useful to me to independently read the errors of my VAZ 2114 ECU (block 7.2 in January). To check the functionality, I launched the program Diagnostic Tool v1.3.1, in the program settings I indicated only on which COM port the connection is established. The program saw the computer, read the current parameters of the engine, determined the absence of errors.
On this, unfortunately, the experiment was completed, since the batteries of my laptop only lasts for 10 minutes, and there is no desire to drag it to the garage yet. However, the cable is valid.

Thus, it is possible to purchase. In Russian stores, the price starts, if I'm not mistaken, from 600 rubles.
Thanks for attention.