VAG K + CAN commander. Multimarking for the poor?

There are so many programs and adapters forcar diagnostics. This is one of many. Its main purpose is not quite a diagnosis. He generally speaking more to work with immo and odometers. But one of the applications of this adapter is to work with the CASCADE program - the CarmanScan emulator. Actually, for the sake of this adapter and bought. Well, I decided to write a review, after I slammed the non-original FTDI in it

So. The adapter is assembled rather carelessly, the flux is not washed away, the FT232 is not the original and is being killed by new original drivers, the PIC seems to be correct, but there is no certainty to be honest. Thus, the adapter is ovno, I do not recommend it to the purchase, the review is over!
Not a bad start, right? Now more
Exterior (after alteration) and intestines:

As you can see, there is even a marriage of rations.
We solder the reziuk into place, and get rid of the lace by installing a “printer” socket (this saves space just with a large number of adapters on an industrial scale):


Please note that I actually took this adapter only for the purpose of checking how it works with the cascade. Most likely I will not use it at all, even with my native software, at least with a cascade.
Native software and some third-party utilities put here:
I have not tried the software yet, and most likely I’ll try again soon. For odometers I do not twist, but with immo and other tools exist, and on old men it is usually easier to put an emulator.
Now on working with CASCADE . It works stably, no, but in generalworks. It is most likely necessary to play with the port settings (latency time for example - 1 helps someone, 10 someone, 16 defaults someone, and it’s better to put the original FTDI, because nobody knows what problems the Chinese copy will have on non-standard speeds type 10400), plus depends on the type of connection and connection speed. In general, of course, it has no equal price-opportunity ratio, but I wouldn’t recommend doing something serious with it. Errors read, see the parameters - this is possible. Well, it is clear that this is an emulator of an old device, whose support has long been discontinued and the machine is also only old and there are no updates and most likely will not.
Today I tried on Fiat Uliss and Omega B with a rare 8-valve engine. Omega did not take at all, Fiat does not know this, but he knows the Peugeot 806, through which it works without problems.
The interface is simple and straightforward.

Let's look at the identification:

Read errors:

Now parameters:

Parameters in two columns:

Parameters in the form of graphs:

Parameters with errors:

For this machine and this engine it is inbasically everything. Well, still a recorder and some presumably a built-in multimeter, which does not work for us in principle and only hangs software. For others, there will certainly be adaptations and tests of actuators.
Now about the jokes. FTDI is not original here, and I found out right away by running the appropriate prog. And this is the only non-original FTDI in my zoo, or the rest of the better clones. The same at a wonderful moment received Pid = 0000 and became invisible to drivers.
How is it treated? And pretty simple.
Well, first swing these archives. There is a utility for testing FTDI onoriginality and PID changes in case of its reset (but you need all the same to get the drivers to work), the old drivers themselves, and the software to remove the drivers.
First we install old drivers. I modified the inf files a little bit so that they understand both pid_0000 and pid_6001 which was originally. Now even ftdi with zero pid will work normally. For this purpose, it will be necessary for the undecided devices with FTDI to indicate the path to this old “universal” firewood. Then you can return the pid utility for testing. But there is a nuance - after the return, the adapter is picked up by a newer version of the drivers, which crashed it once, and I am sure it will crash again and again. And it is impossible to slip new drivers, because Windows considers that those that are - they are already good, and even better than those that we slip into it. And for this we need a third archive. It has a software that allows you to remove the connection between the driver and FTDI with a specific vid and pid. I think you figure it out - first we press the ADD button, then remove devices. Now we have an unidentified device, more precisely, a device without drivers, but with the already correct vid and pid. And now we point the Windows to our old drivers, which are both for pid_0000 and for pid_6001. Perhaps, the Windows will not immediately allow to do this, they will think for a long time - but in the end everything will work out.
Ideally, of course, you need to tear down all new ones.Drivers from FTDI to hell, and then roll over all of their devices, these are the old ones or some other old proven version. but IMHO should work and so. In any case, it still works for me, but I experimented for quite a long time.
Summing up: In general, a bunch of vag k + can and cascade stuff is quite powerful - for relatively old cars. But I cannot recommend this adapter. He is with a marriage, and with a non-original ftdi, and the flux is not washed away, and the FIG knows what else. About communication breaks - I'm not sure. Either ftdi is to blame, either the settings, or this is just a feature of this software. But it flies, it loses touch from each bunch in seemingly identical conditions and on the same machine. That is, if you need experiments for your 13-15 bucks - no question. If you are a pro and you need a normal tool - well, this is not it. Although again you can buy "to be" for all sorts of strange and wild cases. Let's say I remembered about him today when multiscan could not decipher a couple of errors on this street. Or sometimes it happens that one scanner shows one set of parameters, the second - the other, they partially overlap, but I need this, this and something else to watch at the same time. And you will not connect two scanners at the same time. So if you, like me, are engaged in all kinds of junkies, you have 15 bucks that are not a pity to spend on experiments and time for these experiments - well, go ahead, cho. But - somewhere else. for this adapter is thrash.