75mm fans for ASUS video cards (R9 270 / 270x, GTX 960/970)

Running once again with friends in PUBG throughHeadphones heard a loud chatter. One of the fans on the video card rustled, it became slower to spin, the temperature of the video card became higher than usual in the game.
I pulled out the video card, disassembled the fan, cleaned it, smeared it, but I still felt the rustling noise during the rotation, the fan was clearly worn out. Six months have passed since the last cleaning and lubrication.

So new fans ordered immediately.
The fans were slightly louder than the factory ones,therefore, I recommend to buy them only if you do not want to regularly disassemble and clean / lubricate the factory ones in order to avoid chink and reduce the rotation speed. Or try to order fans from another manufacturer.
In my case, the noise did not increase. Why - learn in the review. At the same time, let's see how easily the fan on the ASUS R9 270 video card is changed.
I ordered the fans on July 12th. You can choose two options - 4pin or 5pin connector for connecting to a video card, for my video card I needed a 5pin option. I got the fans on July 25th. Track number is working, the parcel was tracked.
The fact that the fans are sold at once in two, is fully justified - if one is worn out, then the second one is on the way, although it doesn’t give any signs yet.
Fans are packed well, in a cardboard box and a pimple.

There are no jambs. Rotate smoothly and without rustles. Even ASUS stickers are present. Manufacturer - EVERFLOW. The model is T128010SH.

Tried to make out after in the commentsI was stuck on the production date of the fans and hinted that lubrication might no longer be good. Did not work out. Holes below either. FristD fans can be easily disassembled with two pick / plastic heads.

Proceed to replace.
Plastic casing cooling system video card withfans can be removed without dismantling the CO itself from the video card, the main thing is to act carefully. The casing rests on 4 latches on the radiator, squeezes the latches on one side and remove the casing.

Each fan keeps on 3 screws. I will change only one fan, worn out, the second one does not require replacement yet. (I listened to the fans once again when I pulled out the video card, in the second one I also heard rustles, though not as clearly as in the first one. I decided to replace both, and disassemble the old ones, smear them and clean them on the shelf).

Comparison of old and new fans. FristD FD7010H12S fans stood from the factory. By the way, these fans have a current of 0.35A, whereas at Everflow - 0.25A.

Turn off the fans, pull out the connector. Along the way, I found such a nuisance with screw holes, I had to tinker a bit with superglue and soda.

Installing new fans and neatlywe are laying the cable (which, by the way, is very oak and almost does not bend) as it was. We return the casing with the fans in place and do not forget to connect the fan cable to the video card.
Is done. Thermal grease and thermal pads were replaced less than a year ago, so no further maintenance is required.

Video card in place.
There are no extra sounds and vibrations in the work of the fans.
In the settings, I drove the fan speed slider and found out that the new fans are louder than the factory ones.
10-60% - not audible against the background of other fans
70-80% - slightly stand out
90-100 - rustling
10-40% - not audible against the background of other fans
50-60% - slightly stand out
70% make noise
80-100% - rustle louder than factory
You can listen to the video below, also at the beginning of the video I show rustling when rotating worn factory fans.

In principle, such changes in the noise I do notcritical because when automatically adjusting the rotation speed, the fans will be thrashed by 70% only when the video card warms up to 80 degrees. You can learn this by saving the BIOS of the video card and opening it in the editor.

And she warmed up so only once - whenI started to wedge one of the old fans while playing PUBG. So in my case (with my case and the load on the video card) did not get louder.
With new fans, the maximum temperature was 71 degrees. Against 74 with old fans. The room was 28 degrees in both cases.
I don't want to re-install Furmark, so I drove the video card in the game.
Screenshot with the maximum temperature

Well, actually everything, the task is completed, the video card is cooled, the noise in my case did not increase.
This product has three minuses - the fans are louder than the factory ones, the oak heat shrinkage on the cable, due to which it is quite difficult to lay it in the CO casing, and a non-separable design.
Thanks for attention.