PSP 100x Series Recovery

Good day, comrades!
Some time ago I came across the network curious project on building a portable retroconsole emulator onbase raspberry pi zero. The author of the project sells kits for the assembly of such a console in the case of the PSP 100x series. On occasion, “thanks”, I got a non-working PSP 1008 and I already wanted to order a set, but I decided to check how dead the prefix was. All who are still interested, please under the cat

Together with the carcass prefix I got my ownbattery and 2 GB memory card. The body of the console was in a sad state and was not suitable for my purposes. It was necessary to try to determine that the console is alive to understand what you need to order in addition to the case. In the nearest radio parts store, a suitable plug was purchased and a USB charging cable was quickly assembled.

We connect the power from the "strong banks" and tryinclude. The prefix turned on! The “cobweb” is expected on the screen, but we don’t need this screen. I try to press the buttons and understand that the prefix is ​​alive. There is a sound from moving around the menu, even the brightness and volume are adjustable.
Not a big lyrical digression:

In general, I did not raise my hand to throw outLive motherboard and jerk the console to the parts I need. I decided to restore the old woman. I was also guided by such considerations: I needed PSPi to emulate gaming consoles from my childhood such as dandy, sega, and supernintendo. With these tasks, the PSP itself does an excellent job (there are some problems with the SNES emulation, but more on that later), but it’s not normal to emulate the PSP itself on a malinka, even full-sized. PSP's own library of games is extensive and rich in cool toys + PS1 emulation is nominally supported.
Diagnostics and procurement.
I started the restoration with the search for the display on Ali. But eventually ordered from Russian shop at a very tasty price.
After replacing the display, I proceeded with further diagnostics, which slightly distressed me, demanding replacements:
1. analog joystick
2. loop system buttons (those that are below the screen)
3. case
4. UMD drive (but I don’t need a drive, I still don’t have disks, so I just deleted it from the system)
I was hoping to get by with far less investment.
The search for spare parts on Ali and other sites was also upset by the fact that good cases for 100x series are not for sale, but what is there is a terrible quality. Found another one Russian shop with a good assortment, from where they were ordered at prices comparable to Ali prices:
one. PSP 1000 Power Connector - the price is a cheap one, and the native connector was in a poor condition;
2 PSP 1000 Loop of medium control buttons (soft buttons)
3 PSP1000 Analog Joystick (Mechanism Only) Original
four. PSP1000 Body Assembly + Buttons (Black) the store manager assured that the case is much better than the slag that is sold on Ali.
five. PSP1000 Membrane control buttons (L + R + Shift)
6 PSP1000 Comp. gum joystick-board (original)
The last two positions were bought for their own comfort, for consumables in essence.
In addition, already ordered on Ali:
one. The boot on eklan
2 Micro SD Adapter -> Memory Stick
3 Memory card
First a few words about the body. The manager from the store either did not see what was being sold on Ali or simply lied, the case is of very poor quality. Although I suspect that there is nothing better to buy now, unless a dead prefix is ​​found in a perfect external condition (which is extremely unlikely).
There are problems with the combination of panels, curvethe side edge, the side edge sliders (turning on and activating WiFi) are awful, the soft buttons look disgusting, the keys look defective, but they also don’t fit the body (they are stupidly wedged in the assembled body)

The only thing that is good is that there is a set of screws in the kit. my console already seriously lacked them.
As a result, the corps was able to assemble the case with a sin in half, but the left shift was left for the relatives.
The remaining parts were no problem, reallythe boot did not fit in size and had to be simply cut into strips and glued along the edges of the display. + From the remnants of its middle, you can cut the strips for a couple of consoles)))

The memory card adapter works without problems, andI flew with a Chinese card. PSP is very demanding on the quality of storage media. Some software was categorically not launched with the ordered card and attempts to update the official firmware to the latest version led to errors. So we had to go from the native card, and the hangs when starting the software went away only after replacing the memory card with the Samsung device purchased from the local store.
Yes, the PSP supports memory cards no more than 32 GB. Although there are still adapters with two slots for SD and there seems to be more than 32 GB available, but that’s not exactly точно
As a result of all the manipulations it turned out something like this:

Emulating older consoles works fine,The picture is of excellent quality, it was better not to remove the phone. Native toys also work without problems. The SNES emulator did not start, but I ran it from the Chinese card, you need to try installing it again.
If someone is interested in the issue of emulation, and there are some interesting moments, I can write a separate post about it.
For the money, everything went into the price of the console 200x and thenand 300x series in good condition, so that financially in this restoration does not make any sense. All the above has been done solely under the influence of nostalgic attacks and the love of picking in the gland. It is much easier to stupidly buy a live specimen on Avito or Yulia.
At this I have everything, thank you for your attention!