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Box for jewelry, jewelry and other trinkets.
To a greater extent, the man’s laconic expression on this thing, beloved due to lack of time (to a greater degree of desire), refused to help me in evaluating this casket.
If interested, welcome under cat.
Reason for purchase:

My other half expressed in one of the offline stores to buy this thing right now, but common sense told me that it’s not a fig to drive horses and spend over 3,500 rubles.
A search for Ali led to a decision on the order and about 2,400 rubles went off from the card in favor of the sale (a coupon of -5 bucks was applied).
What prompted me to write a review on the seemingly non-male thing:
The parcel went for three weeks, after receiving the post, my wife eagerly began to open the parcel ... and ... oh, horror,
the casket was completely broken and crumpled, the state impossible to restore.
I took a photo of the damage, opened a dispute in Ali, and wrote to the seller about the problem that had happened.

some damage closer

The seller immediately suggested a solution:
Send a new box, it takes all the costs, you do not need to return anything.
To which I agreed, the next day she (the seller turned out to be a girl) gave me a new track, which was tracked the next day at the Hong Kong post office.
After 4 weeks, we received a new box.
This time there were no problems with the newly received product! everything turned out better than ever - good.
So the human attitude of the seller and was the impetus for writing this review.
New parcel. From all sides lined with foam. (in general, it did not save the first parcel)

lies in the brand bag (I'm in the typewriter I wash my sneakers in a typewriter)

Oh miracle all Tsehonhkoe!

The casket is very large, smaller than a chest, but bigger than standard caskets ...


Bottom part.

Favorite immediately filled it with her "baubles", which previously were not systematically lying "somewhere."

Let's take a closer look at how the trousers are packed in a specific example.
Upper pull-out shelf:

Lower sliding shelf.

Has pads for hours.

Favorite wore them bracelets, it will be necessary to inform that their purpose is different.

Installation location of the shelves:

Shelf fittings, handle.

Side doors are not filled yet.


Top compartment.

"Kolesnik" I do not know what is called.


On the other hand:

Not yet occupied space:

A mirror with a pocket on the cover of the box.

The pocket has rubber.



The box has a primitive lock, rather designed as protection against children.

The key.

Label label made of plastic.

Carrying handle.

Also, some of their trinkets, my favorite keeps on a stand bought from BiC’a for a symbolic 7 bucks (I will give the link later), so I think if you search on its shelves you can still find it)

Well, in general, all) I told you how I could.
When I asked my second half about what to write, she answered tell them that there is a lot of space there!
I advise, I advise the seller, especially with such a good attitude.
Thank you for your attention, if possible I will answer your questions.
You can vary the partitions themselves, they are not fixed.
Also in the first package the seller put a beautifula postcard in which I wrote a message of thanks for the purchase by hand and wished all the best) and put a small gift in the form of a bracelet, but all that was lost.
PU leather upper layer (polyurethane)
length - 16 cm
height - 15 cm
The empty weight of the box is 1300 grams (I did not take measurements myself)
Accreditation passed! (Kote - Matilda (Motja) 2.5 years, weight almost 4-5 kg ​​... this is for comparing sizes)


PS Errors are possible, I was in a hurry, no matter how friday and time is almost the end of the working day ...