With original case free !!! N9330 Note II 5.5 Inch MTK6577 Cortex-A9 Dual Core 1.2Ghz CPU Android 4.1.1 OS smart phone with gift

The model I was buying was called Ulefon N9330, after the purchase I found out that this is the Star N9330, so I’ll just call the phone - N9330 or a variation on the Samsung Note 2 theme.
On the case of the phone logo proudly flauntsANDROID, which is a little unclear, but Star company and Ulefon apparently don’t like to advertise themselves and because of this you might think that this is some kind of a version and in China is considered an export option. Even on the phone box itself, we will not find any mention of the manufacturer, only that it is ANDROID NOTE!

The phone looks like its main competitor - Hero9300 or Zopo Zp900s. There is even the same screen installed, with a size of 5.3 inches, which is made using IPS technology (AVS, I think), on the phone itself, on the sticker with the main advantages, the Chinese were not lazy and wrote that the screen size was set to 5 , 5 inches qHD AMOLED, and behind, on the box, also a little fictional characteristics. For example, there is a GLONASS and the same 5.5 qHD AMOLED screen.

I noticed that this company has releasedThis phone, likes to exaggerate a little, also on other smartphones of this brand, you can find that the screen is 5.3 inches, and in fact it will be 5 "well, or the maximum will reach 5.2".
Smartphone features

The device has a good package, it comes with:
• Phone
• Instructions in English
• Headset
• Two batteries of 3000 mAh (most likely, like the hero, the actual capacity will be 2300 mAh)
• Micro USB cable
• Euro charging
• Optional Samsung Galaxy Note cover.

The size of the phone is 150 x 78.5 x 9.7 mm, which slightly falls short of the original Samsung Note 2, whose dimensions are 151.1 × 80.5 × 9.5. The weight of the device is 196g, it is very confident in the hand. The build quality turned out to be quite good, the metal frame, everything is assembled and fitted perfectly, the phone does not creak at all and does not play, when you try to twist the phone - you will not hear any sounds.

Under the cover you can find two slots under the sima card (of course, 3G only works in the first slot) and a Micro SD card slot (it recognizes exactly up to 32GB, but I don’t have a larger volume and can't check it), well, just above the 5MP camera (interpolated to 8MP), LED flash and it seems like an additional microphone, because the speaker is at the bottom of the phone, and no one really knows what is to the right of the camera.

The lid itself is made of glossy plastic, sothat it shows very well the prints and any traces, again, I think that on a white phone you would not see so much. To remove the lid, you need to make a little effort, as the lid sits very well, and after you put it in a special place, you will need to hold either with your fingernail or around the perimeter so that all connecting elements are disconnected. Perhaps if you open and close the back cover a lot, it will be much easier to remove it, but now it sits very well and you might even think that the case is not collapsible.

On the front is a display size of 5.3inches, which is made by capacitive technology and made of glass. Whether the glass is covered with an oleophobic coating (grease-repellent) - I do not know, since the manufacturer put a protective film on the glass under the film with the characteristics, who does not like films, of course, can tear it off and throw it away, but I decided to leave it for now. Also on the front of the bottom - there is a physical home button and two touch buttons - a menu call and a "back" button. Above the display are located - the LED (which does not signal anything at all but the phone’s readiness for firmware, or perhaps I haven’t figured out yet how to activate it, it is lit up with white light), a speaker, a 0.3 megapixel camera (for video calls, the quality is quite good), and two sensors - one is responsible for the approximation, and the second is for lighting, the sensors work without complaints, auto brightness works fine and selects the one you really need depending on the lighting.

On the top of the phone you can find the 3.5 mm headset input and a small slot in order to make it easier to remove the back cover.

On the left side - the rocker volume control.

On the right side there is a button on / off the screen / phone.

On the bottom is a micro USB input and a microphone.

Additional cover that resembles a book,It is installed in place of the back cover and in such a case the phone does not become much thicker, but adds only 1.5 millimeters, which are added because an additional part appears, which closes the display of the phone. In the closed state on the phone you can talk, as in the place of the conversational speaker cut a hole. The back cover itself has exactly the same surface as the original cover, so unlike the same cover for the 9300 hero, it will eventually appear marks, scratches and have to be rubbed, so that prints and stains are not visible .

By the way, under the screen, the two touch buttons are bright enough to be seen very well at any time of the day.

I repeat once again about the screen, it is very brightcompared with the hero in terms of brightness, he wins, the viewing angles are excellent (but again, it seems to me that this is an AVS matrix). The screen leaves some positive emotions, there is a good color rendition and quite good black color and unlike competitors, the screen can be rotated to a horizontal position even in the menu (although this applies more to software, but still work with such a screen in such a position conveniently).

Turning on the phone and a little polaziv in it, II thought it was a brake add-in Touch ZIW (the Chinese called its add-on clone from Samsung Touch WIZ), but I didn’t climb much in it and immediately I could say it was updated to a newer firmware, which is a real Jelly Bean version 4.1.1.

Touch ZIW on the new firmware began to look moremore interesting and more beautiful, and if on the original firmware all fonts were huge and it was not possible to make them smaller, even by changing the font size in the settings, then on the new firmware - it can be set from very small to huge. And although the phone came already with firmware 4.1.1, but initially it was a hoax, as always, the Chinese podminuhali and corrected build.prop to display this version, in the original it is firmware 4.0.4 (you can check it by poking several times on the android version in the system settings).

Now everything works smoothly and beautifully. After the firmware, the internal memory allocated for the application became equal to 2.5 GB, although initially it was 512 MB. This is very convenient if you are not going to buy additional memory card at the beginning. By the way, there are no Chinese applications here. It is only necessary to disable the Chinese keyboard in applications.

In Antutu, the phone dialed 5584 points, but even so, the interface works very quickly, compared to phones on the 6575 chip, the difference is instantly visible starting from the unlock screen.

In the Nena Mark 2 tester, the phone showed 20.3 FPS, which is a good result.

Unlock screen is made entirely in styleSamsung, below are four application icons that you can call without even unlocking the phone. If you set “dandelion” as wallpaper, then when you unlock the phone you will need to run your finger on the phone screen anywhere, and just like the original ripples of water will be done, done beautifully and efficiently.

On the phone there are all applications fromGoogle, and works great Google Play and Chrome. FM radio works when you connect a headset or any other headphones, RDS catches, radio reception is not satisfactory. Wi-Fi for this device works fine, the reception is sure, it catches better than my iPhone 4s. The volume of conversational dynamics is very high, I lowered the rate to about half. The microphone is working properly, they hear me perfectly, there were no discontented people. Vibration can be felt in the shirt pocket and jeans, you can not miss the call in the “meeting” mode. I liked the sound of the main speaker more than the hero, the volume is higher.
The battery lasted too longer than the hero9300, according to statistics, the screen for the day was turned on for at least 5 hours, and by the very evening I still had 25-30% percent. In normal mode, the phone will definitely last two days. For a phone with such a screen on Android, these are good indicators and it is possible that in fact the battery capacity is slightly higher than that of the HERO 9300.
Photos on the main camera are obtainedgood, not great, but i liked it. The camera will come down for those who have a camera and are not going to use it to create masterpieces on the phone, although for instagramm the camera is also quite suitable. Moreover, the camera with auto focus and allows you to easily photograph text, documents and other trifles.

The phone also has a GPS function. I installed the GPS test program and put the phone in the car. The device saw 12 satellites, immediately picked up 5 of them and showed accuracy (feet) equal to 30 (when the screenshot was taken, the data changed a little). How good or bad these indicators are - I do not know, but it is enough for me that this function works properly.

I can recommend this phone for purchase,It seems to me that Star turned out to create a competitor for the HERO 9300 or Zp900s, at some points I liked the phone even more than the hero, if it were possible to combine these two phones by taking the best qualities from each model (from a hero, for example, the community ( The community) and the number of various firmware, down to the left, as well as the ribbing of the additional cover and all the accessories, and from this device the Touch ZIW add-on, the brightness and the front part of the additional cover, would have turned out to be a real killer of branded phones as Note first and second) and hit. The device is assembled perfectly, no complaints about the build quality. The screen is excellent, behaves well in the sun and has sufficient brightness. Yes, and in the phone there are all the necessary things, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, FM-radio, two SIM card slots, it is possible to expand the user memory, a good main, as well as the front camera.