worldwide wallet purse wallet fine leather

I ordered 3 different wallets from this supplier at once, in order to choose one of three for myself, so I will only review this one. (I managed to sell the rest)
The package flew on 10/19/2011 and took it - 11/11/2011 (24 days in my opinion quickly) ...
When communicating with the supplier, he said that he was gladto my order and that I will receive a “surprise gift” to each wallet. I thought that nonsense - the way it turned out: in each wallet lay a pair of unpretentious earrings and in each card seller.

these are the earrings

With this wallet for quite a long time go, billsthe little things are perfectly placed in small pockets (although they are not adapted for this). The main part is really made of leather, inside 2 compartments for business cards or cards, a compartment with a zipper, the main compartment and a few small pockets “for little things” in my case
- Excellent quality, nothing sticks and does not peel off (tested by time).
- In fact, leather. (for such funny money).
- Strong and securely sewn rivet (for all the time has not worn out).
- Classic wallet design.
- Great price!
I have not yet noticed the minuses, except that the dimensions are a bit too big - 12 * 10 * 2 cm, the jeans pocket completely takes up ...
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PS: Once again, happy new year !!! Keep your dragon inside you