Recently, a new magnetic cable is on sale.Wsken X1, with a declared current of 3A, purchased and compared it with Wsken cables that I have, and this is Mini 2 and Lite 2, the cable looks ordinary, rubber, with extruded weave texture, feels like the original Xiaomi cable, the magnetic adapter itself Wsken X1 is 10.7mm wide, the Mini 2 is 9.1mm wide, Lite 2 is 9.2mm wide, all adapters protrude from the phone case by 3mm,

Upper cable Mini 2, medium Lite 2, lower X1
But the most interesting was the voltage and current given by the cable, a white doctor came to the rescue, and a 2A resistor

Mini 2

Lite 2


The adapters themselves, the Chinese indicate that the adapter is X1I have a lid that covers the magnet, I consider it a plus, I have one of the adapters of the Mini 2 cable that began to collapse, its shiny coating peeled off, and a dark magnet is visible under it, like in old speakers. I noticed one more minus in the old cables, the adapter contacts are covered with fat, I don’t eat the cakes often, you plug in the charge, but you don’t have it, you have to wipe the adapter;
Wsken X1 cable is magnetized to any adapterOn the other hand, the Mini 2 and Lite 2 versions are not, but it didn’t cause discomfort for me, the data transfer works in any cable position, as does the quick QC charging.

Photo adapters in the phone and tablet. Cables only got Micro USB and Type C, while the impression is positive.