Yuandao N101 II 10.1 ″ IPS tablet pc RK3066 dual core 1.6GHz Android 4.1

After an unsuccessful purchase of Cube U30Gt, I decided to findThe tablet is more reliable and the seller too. The requirements were mainly to fit the whole family (my daughter, to watch cartoons and play, to my wife so that I could climb on the Internet and work a bit in the Office, well, and if I can take away from the first two).


I ordered EMS to come to St. Petersburg in 9 days, plus the seller pushed for 3-4 days, explaining that all the rest were defective.
The order was still charging cars, a couple of films andheadrest mount (about him some other time, has not yet checked), it was all added by the seller at my request. From pleasant, the seller has support in Russian, although it doesn’t matter to me. Order came in a UPS gray package (0 °). Inside was a box, in better condition than the one in which the Cube was.
A photo

I ordered a tablet with a plastic back cover, as there were complaints about the quality of WiFi on the aluminum one. Looking ahead to say that for 2 concrete walls WiFi analyzer showed the maximum reception.
The tablet was 75% charged. A normal (non-transport) film was pasted on the screen. Immediately conducted a test on the meterial screen, it turned out the glass. I believed on the light, broken pixels, everything was in order. IPS matrix, i.e. viewing angles of almost 180 degrees. Paints juicy. I put Antutu and got 8073, it seems not bad, but I decided to compare with others. And he began to drop on what a bad result. Then it turned out that at this time a new version of the test appeared which was not yet on the market, but the results were already in the program. In the third version, the result is 11639.
Results in Antutu

Further, according to the instructions from w3bsit3-dns.com, I received a root, "I am the mastertablet or not! ”I cleaned the tablet of Chinese trash (there is not much of it) and began to install software from the market, everything is set up without the need to edit build.prop.
There is still not much on the bandwidth of WiFi, I don’t know who is to blame for the tablet or router, but movies shared from a computer can stutter if they are larger than 1.4GB.
The sound, even in a thick case without holes, is loud and pleasant. The touch of my daughter (4 years) does not cause problems, unlike the other tablet Lenovo A200.
The next day he showed it at work, having received a lot of positive emotions from the envious views of colleagues and the questions “Where and how much?”.
The last test I decided to do iswork, keyboard and external modem. Through the OTG cable, the keyboard worked fine. After that, I decided to start the Pchelain modem and got a little worried. Where can I get drivers, where can I get a dialer? With these sad thoughts, I plugged the modem and ...

About battery life, I can only saythat after the first charge for 7 hours of installation of programs and games of the child, 33% remained. Games are simple, the processor is not very loading. I think that when watching a video will be about 7-8 hours in the middle of the brightness of the screen.
In all this barrel of honey, there was still a spoontar. When charging is connected, working with the tablet is not possible, just watch movies. All because of phantom clicks (you press at one point, and the screen is pressed at another). It is treated with better charging.
I also do not like that the connectors are covered with a lid, this is inconvenient, especially if you are using a case.

I ran an internet speed test.

1) Bright IPS matrix protected by glass.
2) Battery life.
3) No problems with external devices.
4) Thin and light.
5) etc.
1) Problems charging.
2) Inconvenient connector cover.
3) Chambers are disgusting.