Women's sweatshirt

Hello, I want to tell you about the next package ordered from China.
The seller says that this coat, but I took it to the hoodie.
I ordered for my girlfriend, the rest is under the cut ...
The package was 36 days + 2.3 for shipping. In general, this is normal, with our mail, everyone is already accustomed. The cost at the time of the order was slightly lower namely $ 15.93

The package came in the package, was surprised by the size, the first time I just ordered clothes. No damage package found. The package looked like this:

We open the package and see the sweatshirt. In my photos, the color scheme is not very conveys the color of the sweatshirt, but it is almost exactly like the seller in the pictures, a beautiful bright red color.

Photos from life:

By request, post the original dimensions

Advantages and disadvantages:
+ warm
+ beautiful
+ quality
+ analogues in offline are much more expensive
+ maybe some more
of the minuses perhaps only long delivery
Conclusions: I am pleased with the quality and price of the girl, I am glad to like it too, for such a price is worth taking. Recommend.