Women's leggings under the “skin”

Women's trousers from an imitation leather with a high elastic elastic on a waist.
Pretty pretty elastic leggings under the skin.
Observable size - L. The size grid of the seller is strange, and does not correspond to reality. For example, the length of the size L is declared 95 cm, in reality - 90 (internal length is 64 cm). And so with everything, also declared the size of the hips at the hips 104 and waist 80 - in reality it turned out almost exactly on the hips 89 and waist 64. It looks like this:

When leggings are not stretched on the body, they do not look very

Stitched kind of like normal, the edges are processedoverlock, but it seems to me for a long time is not enough, with active wear. Lining and thin fleece, in a heated room pretty quickly everything is sweating. Also, the seller has an option with even greater warming, if that.

Some write about some smell in reviews, butnothing is found. With size - you need to take 1 size larger than yours, judging by the dimensional grid, which is also written in the reviews. At 1 size more, it is if you want it to be straight in size, in a thread in the skin, like a second skin. On the presented photos, the version is 2 sizes larger, noticeably ankle-deep, but overall not bad either

But it is comfortable to wear, it does not press hard, and the seamsthey will live a little longer, and they will not burst and will not disperse along the very taut ass at the most inappropriate moment. Although stretch well (for now). In general, the thing is nice, but it seems that for a long time it will not be enough.