Winter down jacket for an amateur

Actually, a normal down jacket, but with a nuance
I'll start with the fact that the daughter wanted her boyfriendbuy a down jacket mainly for going to work and home. Well, he did not want to with a standard top polyester or whatever it is called. Chose with x / in the coating. What came of it, briefly describe.

The order on December 11th, at the China Post of the 20th, chatted a little around the country and flew to Ukraine on the 25th.
In connection with the holidays, arrived in the country on January 14 and on January 16, took it to the post office. Still, Ukrainian mail works fine (at least judging by its parcels).
Packed unpretentiously, but did not spare the scotch. In the photo, however, the tape was unwound with a lot of effort, then tired-cut the packaging.

Further very briefly. In size guessed. Warm The lining is good, tight. Locks, buttons, rivets - everything is in place. The threads here and there in a minute had to be cut, the line on the seam in one place (inside) went a bit, but I started to find fault. There are a lot of pockets, they did not see the site. The only negative - the top of the cotton fabric is not as dense as it seemed, a little jacket looks like a sweatshirt. Although it was on me, on the host she acquired a completely different, normal look. Further photo without comments.

1) is well sewn
2) fluff enough
3) in the sleeves of the cuff internal with elastic band - wind, the snow will not go
4) a deep hood - a la "jacket Alaska"
5) on the belt inside the jacket there are cords-puffs.
6) The lining is good.
7) The seller is adequate, the contact is easy. Sent pretty quickly.
1) A soft top material made of soft material (this is an amateur) can “skip”, although I don’t know.
I think for this money you can take. for a couple of years is enough.
And finally, because I don’t have a cat, but “woof-woof” - “boar” runs around the yard - here’s a “sweet couple”
Additional Information

Finally, as promised:
down jacket size XL
Owner options (not jackets!)
sleeve length bent -72 cm
sleeve length - 66-67 cm
on the shoulders (shoulder) - 48 cm
chest girth (bust) - 101-102 cm
Growth owner 180 see
So believe after that the Chinese and their dimensional grid! Although the jacket was picked up along the length of the sleeve, but approached in everything, as can be seen from the photo.